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Saturday, March 26, 2011

U is for Unbelievable

Yeah I got banned from DA because they were scared of a lawsuit for using screenshots for my Motivational Posters like Polar Opposites so now I have an alt account and I'm currently trying to recover. They already know I'm there so I can come out of hiding now. Not only does the title relate to that but I've also been neglecting the blog for quite some time and what's to blame for that?

Of course. However, to make up for my negligence. I will begin to update my other blog DA's Nightmare with my Motivational Posters and mature commissions. Don't worry my friends. I will return.


  1. Yeah, DA doesn't like that stuff. You're better off here. Where you're understood :D

  2. Smart idea moving those to blogs where they can't get you. I'm doing the same! For the same type of art! XD

  3. Deviantart attacks again!

    That sucks. I guess the blogs territory is safer.

  4. Sorry I haven't gotten the chance to comment recently. (You've done a great series of posts though.)

    That really sucks about DA.Censorship really goes overboard sometimes. ^_^;

    Black and White...been enjoying the recent Pokemon generation in my brief moments of free time as well. ^_^