Tuesday, November 14, 2017

T is for The End

It's been fun folks. Blog's staying up but this is officially the end. Stay cool.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I is for Inque

Coonfoot here with another personal favorite forgotten lady of mine... and one who's pure fetish fuel. From Batman Beyond, the same show that brought us our "mascot" Maxine, comes the most dangerous and sexy villain the Batman of the future has ever faced: Inque!

She had surprisingly few episodes to her name, but she made a major impact on those who remember the series. Her first appearance was super early in the series, only the third episode of the first season: "Black Out."

You can tell just from looking at that slick hairdo, those sly eyes, and those luscious lips that she's the femme fatale type. So what makes her a villain?

Well, other than her ink-like shape-shifting powers...

Her first crime in the series was being an industrial saboteur, hired by this guy in the foreground, Derek Powers.

She definitely enjoys her job.

A few other important things...
This is what she normally looks like on the job, in her inky form. She still has the vavoom figure, of course.

She uses these powers to easily sabotage machinery and such...

...as well as attack anyone who gets in her way...

...such as Terry McGinnis, the future Batman.

Surprisingly, I'm not exaggerating when I say 90% of their confrontations are full of fetish fuel.

She's pretty much part tentacle monster... (looks like she's getting a nice feel of Terry's great biceps)

...and she often gets questionably close to Terry's face.

So after that encounter...

 This looks like an orgasm shot somehow...
 ...she consults with Derek about a new Batman wrecking her plans.

This is odd because Derek faced Bruce Wayne not too long ago, who's retired and old, so who could it be?

Well, who ever the Batman she faced is, she's ready to eliminate any and all suspects...

She manages to track down Terry to the Batlair, where more tentacle assault awaits him as a result!

So how does she try doing away with him?

With a cryptic "Open wide...", she proceeds to...

...Uh... Yeah. Kill him from the inside, I guess? I'm going to assume that what it is and keep my mind out of the gutter.

 This is definitely one of those moments you'd find gross as a kid, but strangely arousing as a teen or adult. After all, how often can a man say "I want you inside me" to a woman and not the other way around? (God, I'm terrible...)

Sadly for Inque, she has a very simple weakness: Water. Bruce uses it to hose her, hose her, hose her down and save Terry's life.

See what I mean when I said Terry and Inque's confrontations were full of fetish fuel? While I'm at it, I might as well drive the point home further and post some shots from her second episode, "Disappearing Inque."
I should mention her form is unstable because of her powers, so she needs a special chemical injection to keep herself together. (When she had and injection in this scene, she made some really hot moaning sounds...)

Sadly, her methods don't always work...

So in this episode, she got a somewhat secret admirer named Aaron Herbst (voiced by guest star William H. Macy!) to help out.

Fortunately for her, his help pays off.
(I had to borrow this pan from World's Finest Online because I couldn't get the pan right myself)

Obviously, the first thing he does when he sees her human form is say that she's beautiful.

I love how she shrugs at the compliment as if to say, "Shut up, baby! I know it!"

Now let's appreciate a few shots from behind...

Where's she going?

To visit Terry, who she has captive -- in a somewhat kinky way.


Oh, she's just hearing radio communications between Terry and Bruce... Poor Bruce has no idea Inque can hear the whole thing.

Still, she acts oddly seductive when she learns this.

Holding his chiseled chin like that and all... Cute ass sticking out...

She's just really interested in how she can use their communications to her advantage, but still...

She asks him to send a message from her to Bruce...

...but even with her sensual mannerisms, he refuses.

By tentacle-based force it is, then!

Again with the chin caressing? Even when she's talking to Bruce herself?

Terry tries to tell Bruce to not listen to her about coming to where they are, but Inque has ways of making him shut up...

...Wait, THAT'S HER WAY?! Alright, she HAS to have a crush on Terry!

Even he's like, "WTF? Out of all the ways to keep me quiet, you chose that?"

Even as she departs to wait for Bruce, she's seductive towards Terry.

...Oh, right. This guy.

Even after seeing Inque and Terry swap spit, Aaron asks her if he can be like her.

After a second, she agrees...

...A little suspiciously.

Give her a second to get inky...

Injection at the ready...

...and oddly sensual physical contact achieved!

Seriously, does she act this way around ALL the guys she meets?

You can already tell by her expression that this won't end well for Aaron...

...Alright, I'd post more, but I already went overboard. I'll come back sometime with a Part 2.