Sunday, December 23, 2012

B is for Baby Doll

Hey guys. I hope you enjoyed the last post by Coonfoot. He's good pal of mine and he's gonna be helping me out around here from now on. He and I are gonna alternate between posts at least once a week if time allows. So here's my post of the week, Baby Doll from The New Batman Adventures! For those who don't know or remember her, she was a child actor who had a condition that made her age normally but remain in a child's body. When another actor on her show began to outshine her she went insane and tried to kill him along with her other co-stars. In this episode, "Love is a Croc", she teams up with Killer Croc and tries to take over Gotham.

This is a flashback of when she was on the show.

The premise was she was a baby that would always cause trouble. Typical for a show of it's type.

"I didn't mean to" was her catchphrase.

This is her now. She works at a hotel.

I gotta admit she's not half-bad looking.

Unfortunately this job is more work for her than since she... well you know.

"It's not a disease. It's a condition. I don't grow."

And that douche over there is just laughing it up.

That's an expression I would make too.

He touched the hair. Never. Touch. The hair.

Shit's 'bout to go down.

Eh more or less. I would have done more than just smashed his head in a book.

Baby's one of the few Batman villains I feel for. People treat her cruel just because she's different. I totally understand that feeling. 

A little TV always rots relaxes the mind.

She's watching a court case involving Killer Croc who says he's a victim prejudice. Riight.

After he get's tossed in prison, Baby decides to pay him a visit.

Two people who have conditions that make them different from others (for those who don't know Killer Croc is actually a human who was born with a condition that made him very reptile-like) meet face to face. This can only mean trouble.

Killer Croc likes chicken.

Is it wrong that I find her a little hot? She is technically an adult but she's stuck in a child's body.

She feels that since they're both different from the rest of society they can work together to bring Gotham to its knees. 

Standard Bruce Timm female smile. Love it!

She now take on her Baby persona. 

Oh yes. There'll be LOTS of panty shots just so you know.

Most frame-by-frame.

What happened was that she stopped the people from taking Croc back up river by posing as a child about to get hit by a car.

It's amazing the kind of accidents the people of Gotham can survive.

See not a scratch on them.

That ball she had was actually a gas bomb.

She's pretty clever using her child-like appearance to her advantage.

More frame-by-frame panty shots

At least Croc showed some sign of pain.

Run Croc. Run

Eh, nevermind.

If you ask me she should run from Croc.

But she's too infatuated by his... differentiation? 

What simple name for a cereal.

Killer Croc in a suit does NOT look normal. But hey I bet you're too mesmerized by something else to notice.

I'm pretty sure she's heavier than she looks.

There's so many things wrong with that picture.

But Baby thinks it's so right.

Dat expression is killing me.

Never mind. This one is.

Croc likes to work alone much to Baby's dismay.

Oh yeah they're hiding in the sewer. I emphasized sewer because Baby's somehow able to deal with that.

Life's tough when you're friends with Killer Croc.

But he eventually let's her tag along. Mainly using her as a distraction.

Again very clever.

No one would ever suspect a child with a ball to be up to know good.


Gas ball time.

And they make off with the loot.

Or do they?

Guess who just showed up?

No seriously guess.

Those are explosive jacks she has. Where she gets that type of firepower is unexplained.

From a chair to a highchair.

Bless you.

That high chair isn't very safe.

Baby doesn't approve of Croc going places without her.

And he doesn't approve of her clinginess.

I approve of all these panty shots.

After some spying she finds out that Killer Croc's been whoring around with other women. 

And she's not taking it too well.

What is it about green skin and reptilian features that women find attractive anyway?

"Precious can go out anytime he likes."

I'm with you Sonic.

I've seen that look before. She has a plan.

A very big plan.

They're in the Gotham chemical plant I believe.

Their plan is to threaten to flood Gotham and demand a high sum of money.

You can tell some of these panty shots were done on purpose.

Baby told Croc she knew about his affairs with the other women and that she set the chemical levels dangerously high.

"You and I will die together."

His face is priceless.

Fun fact: NEVER cheat on Baby.

Looks like the animators didn't feel like drawing her panties here.

So they figured to keep it sexy they'd out line her butt.

Not a bad substitute if you ask me.

It's okay if Batgirl hits kicks Baby Doll.

Uh hello? Any of you wanna get Baby?

So while they're occupied she decides to make her great escape.

Why slide down the stairs?

Y'know what don't answer that.

"Tick-Tock here comes the Croc." And he's not happy.

I told Baby she should have ran when she had the chance.

Now it's too late.

He can't take his eyes off those panties.

If you didn't make her mad you could have buried your face in them Croc (Did I seriously just say that? Ew.)

"Okay Baby. Time to play my game."

You gotta love how they made sure her skirt got animated correctly.

When it just leads to this.

I thought it was lower than that in the last frame.

Could this be the end of Gotham's most famous Baby?

Will these be the last frame-by-frame panty shots we see of her?


Batman saves the day!

Baby's gotta do what Baby's gotta do.

And apparently Croc died after getting some boiling water on him.

Poor Baby. I hate to end this post on such a depressing note but this is how the episode ended unfortunately. Hopefully Coonfoot's post will lighten things up! Another note is that Baby had one appearance before this episode but I chose this one because I find her hotter in this episode. In the other one she looked too much like Elmyra Duff.

So yeah...