Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anniversary Post #4: Y is for Yoshino

Sheesh how long has it been? Weeks? Months? Well the anniversary celebration of the blog isn't over yet. Next up is Yoshino Fujieda once again from Digimon Savers! These screencaps are from the episode, "Fiercely Attack Kurata's Army Corps - Protect the Holy Capitol" ("The Sacred City's Last Stand!" in U.S.)

This first set of shots emphasize Yoshino's delicious legs and ass so you'll see plenty of screencaps ahead.

Now the ass.

Is that a panty line I see there?

She's going to hit that thing outside the window with a barrel.

*Insert DKC joke here*

She looks pretty pissed.

I'm scared

I'm turned on.

Why must it get blurry on the best part?

That there is Gizmon. A man-made Digimon.

Bring on the other ass shots!

They get progressively better with each frame.

Dat ass.

But that's not even the best part.

Love 'em when they ride up like that.

Bring on the upclose shots.

Oh yeah.

We all would hit it.

Note how her boobs are big in this scene yet everywhere else she's flat.

Luckily Lalamon saved her!

Am I the only one who think she looks totally sexy like that?

Look who doesn't wear a bra.

They've just confronted the enemy.

And Lalamon said something uncalled for..

Notice how ugly Lalamon's outline is? The animation in this series was off and on.

That's their guy. Ivan. He's a Bio-hybrid like Nanami was.

This shot was from the opening (for some reason this series always showed the opening halfway into the episode). Not sure what it represents but Yoshino's looking pretty hot in that pose with barefeet.

What happened to her nose?!

There it is.

She has a lot of upclose shots doesn't she?

Off and on animation. Here it's on. Elsewhere its off.

Sheesh it's like the animation shifted gears. At first it was below average now they amped it up.

I'm sure you all remember this scene where Yoshino's hanging onto Rosemon during Forbidden Temptation.

Now we're talking good animation!

And they feel sorry for Ivan because the only reason he did this was to support his little brother and sisters.

That Forbidden Temptation did quite a number on her.

That's a picture of Ivan and his siblings. Fun fact: the dub version of this censored Rosemon's boobies and navel. Despite it being very inconsistent sense elsewhere it was fine.

That's the end of Yoshino's post.

Now for the picture. This was a commission drawn by none-other than Cartoongirls! I based off this picture

*drools* Er, anyway I wanted Yoshino in a pose just like that with her hand on her thigh for additional sexienss. Well that's all for now and really guys I'm sorry for my negligence. I mean I went an entire MONTH without posting anything! I haven't run out of ideas believe me. In fact now that it's summer I'll have plenty of time to work on some new posts. But until then just know this: