Sunday, May 5, 2013

S is for Starlee Pt. 1

Wow has the blog only had one post this entire year? I need to start getting more active. Anyway next up we have a VERY obscure girl, Starlee Hambrath from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward. Saying she's obscure is an understatement as most people don't even she exists. That's where I come in and make her known to the public! For those not in the know TMNT Fast Forward was the sixth season of the 2003 TMNT show made by 4kids. In this series the Turtles and Splinter travel to the future by accident where they meet Cody Jones, a descendant of April and Casey, who tries to help them get back to their time. Cody  is the owner of O'Neil Tech, founded by Donatello, Casey, and April, and Starlee works there as an intern. Now if there are no more questions may we begin the post?

Her and Splinter in the opening credits. He looks so badass.

Her first appearance.

Reason she works at O'Neil Tech at such a young age cause girls in her time mature faster than boys.

Especially girls of her species with five times the brain capacity.

Wait till you see how they replace broken parts.

Geek talk makes Raph confused.

See that thing there? It turns your thoughts into objects.

I have to admit even for the future that's pretty impressive.

And now they're under attack.

Lol what's funnier about this is that I captured it by accident. She gets around with roller skates so when in trouble it's sometimes hard to get around.

Now she's letting the Turtles create future weapons with the machine.

Of course Michelangelo goes overboard. Starlee's not impressed. 

"Overcompensate much?"

Now for screens from my personal favorite episode "Playtime's Over"

One reason I like this episode so much is because it deals what the everyday gamer goes through when a highly anticipated game comes out. Another is that it has one of my favorite villains of this season, Jammerhead. He's basically a techno geek Joker.

The gamer of this show of course is Michelangelo.

Everyone tagged along to make sure he wouldn't cause any trouble.

Oh and another reason I liked it is because Cody and Starlee are actually on a date.

They're a pretty cute couple I'll admit. I never finished the whole series so I don't know if they ended up together.

He keeps turning her down cause he wants to try out a new battle suit he made.

Much to her disappointment.

And it's funny cause he wants to be with her but he can't decide between the battle suit or her until the time really comes.

Bedroom eyes or rape face? You decide.

Either way I still ship them.

And he leaves again.

Poor girl.

And boy is she gonna let him have it.

Or not.

She actually followed him to the roof and saw his battle suit and became impressed with it and the way he took the initiative to help his friends when they needed him.

"I used to think you were just a rich kid living up in this tower" 

"But seeing you rush off to help your friends like that... *swoons*"

And she got the game Michelangelo was dying to get after going to ten stores. Seriously how awesome is she?

Never seen Mikey move that fast for anything.

Now they're trying to open up the time window to help the Turtles get back to their time.

The power is too unstable though.

And Mikey just made a Raph puppet from the thought machine. That's all for now but I can assure you there will be another post of her soon. The internet will know of her existence!