Thursday, December 6, 2012

R is for Ro (Rosali Rowan)

What's this place? I feel like I've been here before... Oh yeah! This is the blog I created 2 years ago aimed at obscure and forgotten toon women. And after New Years I put it on a permanent hiatus for some reason. But let's spare the details and get on with my official return by featuring a girl I've been wanting to do for a long while, Rosali Rowan or Ro from the Zeta Project. Ever heard of it? Go back to this post. Now you get it? After that episode Zeta spun off into his own series where he teamed up this tomboy. I've only seen the first episode but I have plenty of pictures. So let's get started.

That kid's Zeta by the way, in disguise. Seems he's taking after Toyman.

Better take a note before it's too late.

From the intro I believe.

Before she joined Zeta, Rosali was orphan living in an orphanage usually causing trouble.

Now she was busted for shoplifting.

That she's pretty flat for someone who's 15.

It was her first time shoplifting apparently.

"I'll let you keep the chocolate."

Looking pretty flirtatious aren't we? The officer even calls her charming.

And here's the reason she stole the food.

She ran away from the orphanage and she shacked started living this thug and a few others.

But now she's done with them since they want her to rob a bank.

And she meets our title character for the first time realizing he's a robot.

Did I mention he has a huge chunk blown out of him? That's gotta hurt even for a robot.

Only natural for Ro to help him out.

There's Zeta in his true form. He looks quite different than he did in Batman Beyond. It also reminds me of a robot I've seen before.

For future cities these buildings sure look run down.

Ro involved in more trouble than ever now that she's with Zeta.

Zeta was designed to be a killing machine but on the inside he's just a big ol' softie.

Looks like they lost them.

Now introductions begin.

I think that chunk is still there.

But fortunately Zeta can heal himself.

Is she eating a hamburger with a fork? o_0

Zeta explains his situation and wants Ro to help him out.

Though with her streak of trouble that might not be a good idea.

Her breasts look a bit more outlined here.

Another good breast outline.

After recently discovering that Zeta has a built in money function Ro reconsiders and decides to take him on a shopping spree. Nice ass btw

Now she tells Zeta to reinvent himself.

It's gonna need some work.

They've turned the sewer into some kind of hideout. Kinda weird since Zeta basically has infinite money and they could have bought an apartment at least.


NOT sexah!

They're next plan of action is to find the person who programmed Zeta and convince him that he's not evil.

They need to get in that van though.

So Ro's gonna play the distraction.

Considering how good her ass looks that's a pretty good idea.

Dude her ass on your right. But the damn drink down.

Seriously how could anyone not be distracted by that cute innocent face?

If she did this to me I wouldn't mind at all.

Um I think it's the other way around Ro.

"Let him go. You got your cash, let him go."

"Oh forgot. I'm insane." 

Best bum shot we've had in this post so far.

Now it's rescue time!

And Ro's got her serious face on.

Animation's a bit off here.

And the adventure to clear Zeta's name begins!

And that's the end of this post with more to come. I gotta say it feels good to be back. I missed this place and while I won't be posting as frequently as I used to I'm not giving it up. In fact my pal Coonfoot has offered to help as well! Check out his blog!


  1. So much for the permanent hiatus, eh?

    I don't even recall this show...and what's with the half-Tron-ish getup she's sporting?

  2. It's very obscure and it's rarely mentioned these days. As for the outfit, well the show does take place in the future despite the modern looking setting.

  3. Poor Zeta ... no human,no sex !