Sunday, April 24, 2011

Anniversary Post #2: M is for Maxine and A is for Aimee

Second post of the anniversary. Now starring two other familiar faces, Maxine and Aimee! Let's start with Maxine since she was the first girl to get this blog started off on the right foot. These screencaps are from the episode, "Zeta"

I've actually been dying to do Maxine again since the first time I didn't post many pictures of her.

Now I have at least 40 screencaps of her from this episode.

And a lot of them have her and Terry in the same shot together

And here we see her in her natural element. Computers.

Now what's she up to?


It appears she's been kidnapped.

The robot's name is Zeta. He's a shapeshifter who was designed to kill.

Oh yes there's a lot of "these" shots too.

Zeta certainly does go into detail when he shapeshifts doesn't he?

And another (from the real Maxine)

Double hottness

Max's SRS face

Another one of "these" shots


 Max wonders why a kind hearted robot like Zeta has trouble breaking free from his intended purpose which was killing others.

 It just so happens he wants to change himself to stop being a killer and to flee his creators. Gee who does that (almost) sound like?

What's more ironic is that Gamma actually has a brother named Zeta

Who apparently was made using Dreamcast Consoles.

Why are the animators so inconsistent with her bust size?

She convinces Zeta to get rid of his weapons.

I think some of these pictures may e out of order since I took them with two different videos.

Here's she's fixing up Zeta a bit. I didn't know she was a mechanic!

Now they're in hiding because Zeta's creators are after them.

Huh that's strange. In the last shot her nails had no color but in this shot her nail is red. Well... it's definitely her color!

In more ways than one ;) This was a birthday present for BlackAngel14 commissioned by me from CartoonGirls so the full-res version is for his eyes only. Sorry.

Batman thinks Zeta is still a rogue robot but Max tries to convince him otherwise.

And of course a fight between those two breaks out.

Now that's the bust size we all know and love!

And so ends Max's tribute. And unlike Gamma, Zeta went on to start a new life.

And here's Maxine's artwork drawn by johnjoseco. This was a long time ago when I was still known as digiharrison on DA and when johnjoseco was doing requests for head sketches and I asked him to do one of Maxine and all he asked for in return was for me to post this on my website. Well... it took a year but here it is! ^^; I really like how he did it because she looks so much cuter than hot. To me, the show's design brings out her hottness while john brought out her cuteness! Really top-notch quality there. Right. Now on to Aimee! In this episode, "The Beef Who Would Be King", it's revealed that Aimme's a cheerleader! 

Yowza. Not too shabby for a nerd eh?

Ooh! Panty shot too!. Wow Aimee has nice thighs!

That skirt is just the perfect length!

For me anyway.

Oh great that rejected Sesame Street puppet's still here.

And connected to her despite the connection being lost in the last episode. *Sigh* After pilot inconsistencies. What are you going to do?

She seems to enjoy it as much as I do.

Oh will you fuck off already?! I don't normally hate characters but you're just plain annoying! Aimee would be better off with Chip than you!

At least he looks cute.

Oh and apparently in this episode and beyond Aimee and Doyle are on good terms now despite him being a douchebag in the past.

Doyle and the other douchebag Beef are being challenged by some morbidly obese cereal mascot rejects to be their king.

And get this, their planet is called "Cholesterol" because everyone there is fat.

So Doyle and Beef have to partake in a race to see who's more worthy of being the king.

And he has to use Aimee's car since all he has is piece of shit scooter.

And you can see she's not so happy about that

That's a pretty nice race suit she's wearing.

Just wish it were a little less puffy.

She warns Doyle not to wreck her car.

Hey Milo's back.

Is it over?

Looks like Doyle won the race!

And like after any race the winner always gets a hug from the hot girl.

What's wrong Doyle? Don't you enjoy it?

See I told you they were on good terms.

But there was a catch to the race. See Beef(head) cheated and even though Doyle still won, the rules of Planet Cholesterol state that only the most dishonest person is fit to their king, so yeah. Beef is the king.

But here's another catch. The new king of Planet Cholesterol must always be DEVOURED by the residents of the planet. So not only are they fat and morbidly obese, but their cannibals too so now Doyle has to save Beef from living up to his name.

And this is none of Aimee's business so she leaves him behind.

And later all is well.

And that's the end of Aimee's post.

And here's her artwork by HenHien (who has de-activated her account for some reason). I wanted her to draw Aimee in her cheerleading outfit while in mid-air so that her skirt flies up and her shirt. I kinda liked HenHien's style. I've not the slightest clue as to why she left though and neither does my friend CreepyDan. Well Happy Easter folks and stay tuned for the next Anniversary Post!


  1. Aimee is the cutest os these two, I think. Maxime is not bad looking, though.

  2. post. It hard to find girls that can balance cute and spunky but both of these women successfully pull it off. ^_^