Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Late (Commission and Request of 2010)

Well this isn't a post I was planning on, but these 2 images are commissions that were from 2010 and I would have posted them in the Christmas post if they were finished earlier. I'm not angry about it or anything don't get me wrong because I appreciate the time put into these to make them look fantastic! So here they are! The first one is Jade Chan showing off her panties drawn by BigBootyInc who was banned from DA too. Goddamn bastards.

And lastly this is a request from my friend HerryLuwuk. I'm sure you all remember this scene of Maxine I posted in my 10 favorite girls list right ? Well only someone like HerryLuwuk could bring out the true sexiness of it. In fact he captured the scene perfectly and enchanced it! Her feet look tons better!, the pose is jut right, and the shading is amazing! She's blushing because Terry just sent her a romantic email ^_^ 

Alright guys the big day's almost here! Stay tuned! Until then here's a new post in DA's Nightmare

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