Saturday, April 16, 2011

A is for Anniversary

Drawn by sjedi

Break out the champagne and shoot the confetti cause it's the 1st annual Forgotten Toon Girls anniversary! That's right. This very day (while not at this very time) is when this blog was born. Its sole purpose? To educate people on animated girls who are obscure, forgotten, and completely ignored. So far it appears to be working since I have over 30 followers and have even inspired others to draw some of these obscure girls like my favorite, Maxine Gibson.

This piece drawn by my friend BlackAngel14 was the beginning of fresh new artwork of Maxine to hit Deviantart. The best part? BlackAngel said my blog sort of inspired him to draw this piece and it worked as a great reference! That was the beginning of something awesome and ever since then I've been spreading the knowledge of these forgotten toon girls to many people especially DA users. Some are more popular than I thought and some are still very obscure. Nevertheless this blog has done its job of bringing these obscure girls out of.....obscurity. And for that I'm proud of myself for creating such a wonderful blog that others find amazing as well. Before I begin the post there are two people who I'd like to recognize who have supported me all this time:

1. KingSideCastle - Anime Feet ; I have to say if it weren't for KingSideCastle's blog about animated (and sometimes real) barefoot beauties I probably wouldn't have a foot fetish right now. Not saying I don't enjoy it or anything (it actually made my life better). In fact I use to hate feet before going to that blog. Then time went by and I learned how sexy feet can truly be. He's always been a great supporter to me and the blog itself. In fact he was there from the very beginning! He has an amazing blog and he's done over 400 posts! I'll be lucky if I ever make it to 100!  Anyway the quality of his screenshots has increased drastically and he works hard to get great shots and animations. He's almost never missed posting at least one comment on any of my posts, but I think you missed this one a long time dude. =P Reason being is that it went behind my Shadowcat post after I did an edit to it for some reason. Either way thanks for being a huge supporter for me man! You keep being awesome pal!

2. Edward - Nude Cartoons; Edward basically revived a dead concept. What do I mean by that? This blog here  was dedicated to sexy scenes of sexy cartoon girls in swimwear, underwear, towels, and sometimes just plain nude! If you take a look you can clearly see that the owner hasn't posted anything since February of 2010 despite all the requests he's getting. In fact reading through all of those comments is where I stumbled upon Edward himself and his blog. Ever since then I've been following him the whole time supporting him and even sending him some screencaps that I took. However he had to move from here to the blog mentioned in the first sentence because of an image limit Picasa has. I don't really understand it since it hasn't happened to me or KingSideCastle who has too many images to count in his blog. But he's been a great support just as KSC has and he finds really interesting screencaps too. I had no idea that The Ant Bully had this kind of scene! While the girl may not be so hot her feet certainly are! Edward, you're a great pal and a great blogger and you should be very proud of bringing back a concept like the Bare Necessities! Keep moving forward buddy!

Also a big thanks to all of my watchers and friends at DA like Coonfoot and Eccentricass! You guys have been great supporters as well and your support always inspires me to keep going on even when I feel like stopping! So I hope you guys enjoy this series of posts that are coming up in honor of the blog's anniversary. There are several girls you've seen before and two that you haven't. Stay posted!

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  1. Thanks a lot for the mention.
    Neither do I understand what happened. It seems that my blogs are like... merged with Picasa. I have searched in the settings and configuration, but I don`t find anything to change that.
    For the time being, I am uploading the pictures in a lighter, JPEG format, so at least for the next two years things will be OK.

    Anyway, I can always open a Wordpress blog or something.

    Congratulations for the anniversary! Your blog is really fun.

  2. Wow...thanks very much for the mention and compliments Digiharrisom. Congratulations on one year of great blogging...your blog is awesome. ^_^

    Also really love the new banner. Max is quite the hottie. ^_^

    Oh yeah...I've been saving my pictures in Jpg format too to conserve the 1 gig of space Picasa gives us. It really helps a lot. I've been blogging for 4 years and I still haven't run out yet.

    Also you can let multiple accounts post from the same blog if you go to settings -> permissions -> add author

    just enter the email address of another blogger account to invite it to post there in case your account runs out of space.

  3. Also meant to post a comment suggestion this on Edward's blog too but he had already set up a new blogging location by that time. ^_^;