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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

D is for Debbie

I'm sure you all remember my Mother's Day Special. Well if you don't one of the mothers I featured was Debbie Turnbull. I didn't post many pictures of her because I had so many and didn't want to overdo it. Today you get to see these pictures! These too are from Blue-Leader's Photobucket account. I hope he doesn't mind.



What's wrong Debbie? Haven't you ever seen an erection before?

Appearently not....

I'd wish she'd take of me when I'm sick

No matter how gross that medicine looks let alone tastes

Pink gloves as opposed to Dexter's Mom's yellow gloves. Pink is better.

I'd sleep a happy boy if those eyes were the last thing I saw



She's not very cute when she's angry

"I'm gone for 20 minutes and the house is a mess!"

"What up with that yo?"

Yay! She's cute again!

"Um, what's this?"

"Of course! It's just a squid head!"

Picture's cut off so no joke I'm afraid :(

Sweet ass

If anyone needs a buttcrack edit it's her. Sadly, I don't have photoshop :(

She looks like one of those old fashoned moms when she smiles like that

Her ass isn't as detailed here

Oh well

"I'm going to the store"

Yeah Debbie makes it look more pleasing to the eye

Wow. I must be underestimating Debbie's hotness if even her own kid stares at her ass o.0

That's one lucky kid

"I love you son."


Only us invisible fanboys staring as your ass ;)

"What's this?"

*Sigh* "Just more spam mail"

Thighs are very sexy also

See? Erections aren't that bad. Besides you might as well get use to seeing them walking around with an ass like yours.

This shot already caused one

This shot made it bigger and (possibly) harder

See? That's the result of having a fine ass and going out in public where there's hundreds of horny men.

"Uggh! I'm bored!"

Boy Debbie. You've got to learn how men think especially when they see poses like this

"If men want to degrade themselves by drooling and getting erections then that's their problem not mine. I was born with this ass and I'm quite proud of it."

Well you managed to gain support from "feminazis"

"Sleep tight my little angel"

"Oh honey~ you ready to get down to "business"?"

"Rawr, you're fiesty tonight baby."

I wanna be that robot so bad!1!1!1!1!!1

I guess she's finally warmed up to erections now.

And let's end this post with one more ass shot! That's it for Debbie guys! I appear to be bouncing back a little, but I'm still way behind and with finals coming up I might not be able to post at all for a while. But don't worry! I won't give up that easily!


  1. she is a very shapely woman LOL

  2. I Like Big Butt's and I can not LIE!!!!!!!!!

  3. hey what about the mom from daxter's lab?

  4. Thanks to that big ass it was like Debbie and her husband could procreate to Tommy and his brother.

  5. Which episode is this picture from: