Monday, May 31, 2010

D is for Dokuro

I was going to do this a couple of Sundays ago. Well it seems I'm doing a lot of anime girls lately. Anyway before I start I'd like to say something about this series....


Every moment of this anime has something weird, sexy, or horribly grotesque. If you're like me and afraid of blood and gore and TOTAL weirdness I would suggest avoiding this anime unless you're really desperate to get those sexy parts. Just don't say I didn't warn you. Anyway, this is Dokuro-chan from the anime Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan. She made a guest appearance during Angewoman's post. Her main purpose as one of God's angels (yeah I know) is to go back in time to kill a boy named Sakura (again I know) before he creates a "pedophile machine" that stops girls from aging after 12 years old. However she believes she can help him overcome this fetish. Yeah that's real easy when she does stuff like

Lay on top of him while their both half naked


Does sexy poses in bed


And sleeps on his boner. But there's even more craziness coming your way. So get out towels boys. It's gonna be a hormone party today.

Why don't we start off when Dokuro and Sakura meet? No I refuse to post the part where she kills then revives him.

Because I don't want to.

That's what she shouts whenever she's about to revive someone she just killed.

Oh look one of God's angels has a skull on her panties. Yeah that's Christianity like right?

I actually believe Dokuro caused Sakura to obtain a lolicon fetish.

I mean look she's stripping in front of him!

Aww, she looks cute when she's asleep with her hair down like that!

Despite being a blood thirst beast, Dokuro can be very cute at times.

And now she's about to come in for the kill

More reviving

She's exhausted

And being I mean observed...

She has cute shots like this too.

I refuse to post the scene where she gets naked in front of him because it looked tasteless to me

So I'll post this instead! ^_^

Enter season 2 with pretty angel feet


|/ <----- Use your imagination even though I suck at these

Though we never see him get one

Can't see any nipples so must not be

Yeah they don't want to take a bath with swimsuits, but Sakura's already horny enough so he doesn't want them to remove them. The one on the left is Zakuro, Dokuro's bustier sister.

Dokuro's beautiful legs and bikini thong

And yeah Sakura's wearing a speedo in order to strech his boner out more hoping to arouse the two angels.

Especially for moments like this.

Full body scrub. Awesome...

Ok really. It had to be Dokuro's fault Sakura wanted to create a pedophile world!

I'm glad you do.

Your imagination.

What a cutie!

Nice soles too.

Her breast touching Zakuro's. Note this is right in front of a naked Sakura.

Then she dragged him out of the bathtub....

And fondles with a lever. You know cause levers are erect and hard like a...

Oh my god. Now she naked humps him?! Oy. This is so wrong yet looks so right.

Let this scene give you a clue. What would happen to a "certain" part of your body if an attractive female is laying on top of you when you're both half naked?

And you see boobs

And panties

Well you would go crazy, but what else?

You probably have one right now.

The light bulb is obviously representing one. God Dokuro looks hot here!

More hot poses

I'll leave this scene to your imagination

There she goes again. Boy you could only imagine the pain Sakura's going through right now!

0_0 Rape time...

Sakura: "Those damn intruders! I almost had her!"

Well enough imagining. Let's see how that scene really went

And finally....

Another boobie bounce!

I found another GIF maker and works just as good. You can download it here. The password is chevrosky. If the link ever breaks let me know and I can upload it to my Mediashare account. The crack is included so there's no annoying water marks. Well I must say this is one of the ecchiest posts I've ever done so I'm marking it with an Ecchi tag. Next post won't be as sexual. Sorry boys, but she's still an attractive lady ^_^. See ya soon guys. This week I take my finals. Uggh >_>. And thanks Edward and KingsSideCastle for trying to help me. I'll still do a forgotten toon girl of your choice, but it might take me a while to get it up. I've got like 16 other girls in the line-up.


  1. O_O really managed to pack a lot into this, animations, bouncing, videoclips, even got a shot of her soles. O_O This girl is very cute too. Awesome!!!

  2. Oh, I saw this anime months ago. It was hilarious!

    And Dokuro is very pretty.

    And don´t worry for my choice. I am happy with any cartoon, young girl.

    Keep the good work!

  3. what is the offical title of this anime and please it be on Netflix

  4. The title is called, Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan. I doubt that it's on Netflix, but I hear there's going to be an english dub.