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Saturday, May 15, 2010

T is for Tecna

I was going to post her last Saturday, but I had "poster's block". Also, I was supposed to do her before Sissi, but I forgot. Ah well. Techna is from Winx Club and the smartest of the bunch as well as the cutest! Not many people seem to acknowledge her much so I'm posting her here. Plus she used her magic to save me from Sissi's father :D. So without further ado, let the tribute begin!

I think she's enjoying touching Bloom's shoulders a bit too much...

Dinner at a romantic place with casual talk? 0.o

"This is prehistoric technology."


Poorly drawn feet...Not the hot part

THIS is the hot part. Tecna in a very short bathrobe

Hotness to the max

Wow, even Kiko wants her

Good God woman stop teasing me with that "cute & innocent" look of yours!

Yes Tecna, go please the bunny

God I wish I was behind her


Yay now I am behind her...except she's not bending over. Damn. There's a bad side to everything.

Enter hot girl #2; Musa.

Musa: "I just never realized how beautiful you looked in that bathrobe."
Tecna: "Thanks it's brand new."

Yes Tecna. Go outside for the rest of the Alfea lesbians to see you in that beautiful robe!

Why so nervous Tecna? The crowd loves you!

Enter the big-headed pixie.

Tecna: "You know Musa, I'm glad you're here with me. Y'know just the two of us."
Musa: "Indeed~"

Well the lesbian romance will have to wait...

Oh sure. Now they decide to draw her toes right, but only show them when there's a big-headed pixie involved in the scene.

"I guess it's just the three of us now *sigh*"

Tecna looks even more attractive in that robe when sitting down

Back shot

Well there goes a lesbian joke of her staring at Musa's "pink Vs".

But hey. She still looks hot in that robe

AH! A peeper looking under her robe! Why can't that be me?! :(

It's always a good idea to look at someone when their eyes are closed

"You mean now? I know they're asleep and all, but now? Well...okay"

But it's a shame the scene ends right here. Well after lesbian action comes some REAL action


Gotta love her sign language

I'd take this eye of the Grudge any day.

That's a badass fairy there.

Now let's see the full transformation scene

Oh yeah I forgot to mention these caps are from the Rai English version. Not the air-headed 4kids version. If you watched the 4kids version go watch the Rai English verison and tell me which is better. The Rai English version came first even though it's just a translation of the Italian version.

Well before we leave let's see some official art:

This is her on their journey on Domino (Bloom's home world. Called "Sparx" in the 4kids version. What so was it named after the Spyro character Sparx?

Well  "Sparx" sounds like "Sparks" referring to Bloom's fire powers and the character Sparx is friends with a fire breathing dragon and Bloom's strongest power is the "Dragon Fire". Coincidence? Well I won't get into that since this is Tecna's post

I think this is one of her party outfits.

This is one of her party outfits and the one of her outfits outside of her enchantix where she wears a skirt. Hot!

Elegant outfit

Exploring outfit

Her super cute sleeping clothes

Her "bathing suit". She doesn't want to get sunburn. And who can blame her? Ah at least she still looks cute! :)

And finally...

BAM!!! That sexy bathrobe again! What better way to end this tribute to a tech girl? Well that's it for now guys. Check out the Winx Club Rai English if it's your thing. The whole series is on Youtube. See ya! The next gal will be "purrrfect".


  1. I had never seen this cartoon, but I feel a very strong lesbian vibe, what is great.

  2. O_O Wow...This character looks so sexy. ^_^ Between the Winx, W.I.T.C.H. and Huntik cartoons...Italian animation really rocks. Awesome post Digiharrisom.

  3. Digiharrisom hello, thanks for having passed on my blog and Essert added as a supporter! Reciprocate the favor immediately and your blog is very interesting, with different frames and Tecna of Winx! Hello and see you soon! ^_^

  4. true, if they didnt skip out on drawing the feet i would have watched that series.

  5. wow you LOVLY tecna !!?
    tecna chi This character looks so sexy....:p