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Friday, May 14, 2010

S is for Sissi

I was meaning to do her Tuesday. Anyway, Sissi is from Code LYOKO. I have to admit, she is probably the sexiest girl in that show. She's been seen in her underwear at least 4 times (but those stopped when the show got popular in America. Damn censorship), she wears beautiful clothes when she's not wearing her usual outfit (which is also beautiful), and above she's just plain cute. I'd go as far to say she's prettier than Yumi despite my love for Japanese girls. Problem with her is, she's a bitch. A total bitch. A self-centered, air-headed, egotistic bitch. I'll tell you this though, if you watch the french version (a.k.a the original version) of Code LYOKO you could care less how bitchy she is unless you could understand her through that very thick, sophisticated, sexy, accent of hers. God it's so enlightening that I'd talk to her just so she could turn me down with it! Anyway these screens are from her in the very first Code LYOKO episode, "Teddygodzilla".

What's better than 1 Sissi? 11+ of them!

Shame someone as beautiful as her has to be followed around by such losers. Com'on Sissi you can do better than that! You're the daughter of the goddam principal! What girls DON'T want hang out with you besides Yumi?

Sissi: "Vous savez. Le gars a un point. Pourquoi dois-je traîner vous deux haltères?" (You know. The guy has a point. Why do I hang around you two dumbells?)


The underwear scene! Every guy's favorite part of the show!

Buttcrack included.

Now without badly photoshopped buttcrack!

And with that out of the way let's get to mild level sexiness.

Or not. She never fails to tease does she?

Gotta love the way Ulrich is staring at her face. Who can blame her?

I love it when girls wear tops that reveal their bra strap(s)

"Ainsi, les garçons de long. J'ai un concours de beauté pour gagner." ("So long boys. I have a beauty pageant to win.")

"Huh? Que voulez-vous dire j'ai perdu?! Je suis l'étoile, la diva, de l'école! Je demande un recomptage!" ("Huh? What do you mean I lost?! I'm the star, the diva, of the school! I demand a recount!")

You've gotta love that accent.

"Ahh! Pervert! Agresseur! Je vais vous faire un procès pour espionnage sur moi! Vous entendrez parler de mon papa! Vous n'aurez plus jamais aller dans un autre pensionnat de cette ville à nouveau!" ("Ahh! Pervert! Molester! I'll sue you for spying on me! You'll be hearing from my daddy! You'll never go to another boarding school in this town again!")

Oh shit! Gotta run guys! I don't wanna get involved with her dad! Maybe the next girl can use her smarts to get me out of this mess!

P.S.: If you want to see the French version of this episode download it from here: Enjoy!


  1. I think that that "OMFG" might have been a bit of an overreaction. But, maybe it's because I'm too great a Code Lyoko fan to see Sissi as very attractive.

  2. Wow...that was really hot!! Harmones are definitely scrambled. O_O For some reason watching her talk in French is really sexy too. Also...really love her soles very much. Great post Digiharrisom. ^_^

  3. Yeah. Her voice proves that French is the language of love. :D

  4. i always found it interesting how Code Lyoko messed with the feet, in one scene she is wearing socks and in the next she is barefoot (got to love that nice sole shot)

  5. another episode with her with just the bra and underwear on is Tip Top Shape