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Sunday, May 16, 2010

R is for Ranamon


I was going to do her Thursday. Wow. A Digimon post and I didn't have to make up an Ultimate excuse! Well anyway, this is Ranamon from Digimon Frontier. She may be green with inky soles and have fish ears, but she's very cute! In the JP original version she even spoke like a cute little girl. In the English version she's a southern belle. Yeah, let's not go there. This post is going to be relatively shorter due to the lack of screencaps. These caps are her from the episode "Beastie Girl" (Cool Beast Evolution! Calmaramon in JP version)



"ああ。私は退屈だ。("Ā. Watashi wa taikutsu da." ("Ahh. I'm so bored."))

Mercurymon (another Digimon with her): "まあ何かを探しに行くと平和に私を残して一度鼻持ち陰部です。("Mā nani ka o sagashi ni ikuto heiwa ni watashi o nokoshite ichido hanamochi inbu desu." (Well go find something to do and leave me in peace for once you insufferable twat.")

Ranamon: "ファイン。 そのようにしてください。私は獣の精神を見つけて行くよGrottomonのようでしたそれを失うことはありません。" ("Fain. Sono yō ni shite kudasai. Watashi wa shishi no seishin o mitsukete iku yo Grottomon no yō deshi ta sore o ushinau koto wa ari mase n." ("Fine. Be that way. I'll go find my beast spirit and not lose it like Grottomon did."))

Mercurymon: "ほら!あり得ないね。/まさか。/ばか言ってんじゃないよ。/笑わせないでよ。あなたは愚かな少女など、自分はおそらく獣の精神の素晴らしいパワーを制御することができなかったとして見つけることができた場合でも!からかわないで!アミューズ私にもう少し!" ("Hora! Ari e nai ne./ Masaka./ Baka itte nja nai yo./ Warawase naide yo. Anata wa oroka na shōjo nado, jibun wa osoraku shishi no seishin no subarashii pawā o seigyo suru koto ga deki naka~tsu ta toshite mitsukeru koto ga deki ta baai demo! Amyūzu watashi ni mōsukoshi!" ("Hah! That'll be the day. Even if you did manage to find it a silly little girl such as yourself couldn't possibly control the awesome power of a beast spirit! Go on! Amuse me some more!"))

"ちょうどあなたがミラーばかを待ちます。私は私が笑っていられるでしょう私の獣の精神を見つけて下さい!" ("Chōdo anata ga mirā baka o machi masu. Watashi wa watashi ga waratte i rareru desho u watashi no shishi no seishin o mitsukete kudasai!" ("Just you wait mirror idiot. When I find my beast spirit I'll be the one laughing!"))

I'm guessing the dub turned her into a southern belle to make her seem older. I mean look at her boobs! What underage girl has boobs that size?

Oh yeah. Bouquet from Blue Dragon In fact I think her boobs are bigger and from what I hear she's 10-12 years old! I love Japan!

What better way to find something than using the source for all information? The Internet!

A Toucanmon fantasy. They have really good taste and imagination! Just look at those lips!

Yeah. A cute girl voice definitely suits her better especially during this scene.

Yes! Please kiss me!

Can you imagine any southern belle looking as cute and innocent as that?

What a cutie!


Who could resist a face like that? I surrender my spirit to you! You've already unleashed my beast!

Look people. Don't get her mad. Just give her what she wants and she'll stay cute

A sight for fanboy eyes

Yay cleavage! Well that's all for this ravishing beauty. I won't post her beast spirit because it could ruin your boners. Yeah it's that bad. Sadly no video either. But hey, just take my word that the JP version is better than the English version. See ya for the next post guys!



  1. O_O She's really cute. Would love having a digimon like her. ^_^

  2. Yeah I know :). Thing about Digimon Frontier is that Digimon like Ranamon are Hybrid Digimon which means they evolve on their own and can't be owned by anyone. The humans turn into Digimon themselves as well.

  3. if Digimon were real, she would be the only one i would want

  4. Aaah, Ranamon. I don't care what anyone or anything tries to tell me; she's SOOOOOOOOO much better and more attractive than Zoe or Zephyrmon.

  5. I think she's hot even in her beast form. But that's just me? ;)