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Friday, May 14, 2010

E is for Epsilon

Mega Bonus starts now. I will be doing post of all the toon girls I missed this week except for one because I want to get more screencaps of her. I can't find a wokring torrent or a good quality download of that episode though. Right, this is the character I was supposed to do a week ago. Epsilon is a character from the 2003 Astro Boy anime. I don't know much about her because I never saw Astro Boy. She is very cute however. I recently learned she was a male in the original Astro Boy though. These screencaps are from Dragonrider1227. Thanks man!

Lovely perspective


I'm pretty sure that's the professor that created Astro Boy


It appears all the male characters have weird noses


It appears Astro isn't the only robot in underwear


Cute bum. So cute that one of the left bum cheeks sparkles!

She has very cute eyes as well

I found girls are even more beautiful when you see them upside down. I don't know why. I just do.

Yay! Close up of a beautiful face!


Another cute bum shot, "butt" both cheeks sparkle!


Yay brightness!


Are they getting married? Epsilon's got corsage and Astro's in a suit. It's kind of skecptical since I don't watch the show.

Huh. Guess the wedding's off.

If that's the case then what's going on?


Serious smile.

And that's it for Epsilon guys. Thanks for the screencaps Dragonrider1227! Also, thanks everyone who cheered me up. I still feel like I wasn't doing a good job, but hey nobody's perfect. It's life. By the way, get your hormones ready for the next girl.


  1. Oh wow...Epsilon is hot!! She seems like a really great character. Sexy fembots are awesome. Nice post Digiharrisom!!

  2. i swear, her and XJ9 turned an entire generation of people into technophiles

  3. Wow Epsilon is a very hot robot girl!!, i love her opened legs at picture #13, her body shine at picture #17, and in picture #15 if she would have an asshole or well, a exhaust pipe... would be nice!!! yeah, she is really a hot new toy!