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Sunday, May 23, 2010

D is Deanna

This was the girl I was supposed to do a couple of Mondays ago. So I was on Xbox Live one day searching on Zune for my favorite TV show Batman Beyond. I used to watch it on On Demand from "Cumcast" (I hate Comcast services), but they never showed the third season. Bastards. They had the 3 seasons of The Batman, but not Batman Beyond? What kind of shit is that? Well at least Zune made up for that. So I see a preview for this episode called "Inqueling". I immediately fell in love with Deanna the minute I saw her and heard that voice of hers. So I downloaded it and boy did that episode kick ass! Action was great, Maxine was had a very hot scene in my retrospective, and Deanna's belly was visible the whole time...except at the end, but she made up for it alright! I found this episode one time, but the quality was bad because it was a rip of when it first aired on Kids WB. Yeah, this was the episode I had a hard time finding in good quality, but I did! So I had to scourge the whole internet until I finally found a direct download. Effin torrents don't effin work. But hey, don't take my word for it! Let the screencaps speak for themselves!

She's barely on screen for a minute and already has a belly shot. Awesome!

"I don't need a credit counsoler. What I need is more credit."

Oh yeah I forgot to mention she has a cute bum as well. ^^


"Look. I told you I never want to see you again."

"Well maybe I did max it out, but you can get another right?"

 "Well it's not like you'd buy me anything. What was I supposed to do?"

"Well then I guess that's that. Later loser."

Rape time.

Tentacle rape that is.

Her shadow looks a bit awkward.

I caught this one by accident. Good thing too because her face looks cute.

Commence the rape!

I guess her stomach is her weak spot.

 Oh it's not tentacle rape. It's a kidnapping!

And this monster has "plans" for her.

Yes! She took off her jacket and revealed her sleeveless shirt! And boy she looks hot!

And this girl's got muscles!

I hate to say it but, I'd go as far as saying she's A LITTLE hotter than Maxine. I think I'll deal with that subject matter later.

Yeah that monster we saw was named "Inque" and Deanna is her daughter hence the episode title "Inqueling". Har har har...

I think this girl may have been the inspiration for Yumi from Code LYOKO.


 More or less at least.


Yes I took these frame by frame. It reminds me of a strip scene. So what?



That expression isn't making this less sexier.

All the way girl!

Her shoulders look really broad.

 And it ends.

I sure wish the animators didn't make her shirt so dark. That way it could give us a better idea of how defined her breasts are. Same with Max and her pants.

"Please you must do this for me child. Make it my, dying wish."

Gotta love her lips

Dawww, just look at that face.

She looks even cuter when she smiles.

Eeep! And they both have their eyes closed! Cuteness x2!

"No turning back now."

Is it or just me or does she look like an entirely different person here?

Get back! She's got a gun filled with grape soda!

She's gonna Clay-fu on your ass. (Her last name is clay)


"What the hell?" make...dirty...joke

Interesting grab there Batman...

"No more."

Yeah she killed her mother for cash. Sounds like the usual crime in Texas.

"You left me when I saw little. How did you expect me to turn out?"


Now she's got a mansion with Butler. Sound familiar?

Doesn't even care who shows up

"Please. The police can't bust me."

God, look how hot she is in that robe! Her legs and feet define beauty!

Terry: "They can bust you. They've got eyes everywhere..."

"What an idiot."

Someone's getting nervous

Great perspective! What lovely thighs!


Guess who's in the shadows...Ah well. That's all for Deanna. I have to say guys I'm really beginning to tie her up with Maxine for the hottest girl in Batman Beyond. 


I mean both of these girls are very attractive. I just can't choose which girl is hotter! They both have cute faces and nice bodies. The only real differences are their preference (good, evil) and race. I wish someone would make Mugen characters of them then I could really settle it lol! But what do you guys think? Who is hotter? By the way, Deanna's voice is as cute as hell, so I uploaded the episode here:


  1. Wow I saw this episode back in the day but completely forgot about this character. Inque's daughter is hot!! Awesome. ^_^

  2. too bad her personality was no where as beautiful as her body

  3. I think she must've had more than one artist. She has a sort of straight or partially convex or nose to match that of her mother's old-school Hollywood glamour face. In the some shots, to show perspective, the bridge of her nose is convex, which is fine. However, it looks like the convex bridge shows up more and more to give her the tiny nose that attractive females "should" have. It's not at all the same face at the end as in the beginning. I don't like it. I prefer her stronger-featured nose.

    At least her body didn't change.