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Monday, May 3, 2010

N is for Ninja (which gives me an excuse to post Aya!)

I'm finding plenty of excuses these days! ^_^ Incase you're unaware or completely clueless KingsSideCastle's Anime Feet has polls every month and at the end of that month the results come in and he does a tribute to highest voted subject/girl. Last month's subject was What type of feet do we like the most? The winner was Ninja Girls, so I figured since today is "N" day for Monday why don't I do a small tribute to a Ninja Girl to help out the cause? Or something like that? :D Anyway Aya is an anime-only character from Pokemon Indigo League. Her last appearance was in Johto and was never to be heard from again :( So here she is! Screencaps are from the episode "Ninja Poke-Showdown!"

If only all ninja girls wore short pink dresses. Only complaint, she isn't barefoot. :( Still hot though :D

Green hair is total win as well

And here's Brock with his usual antics to try to win over a girl

Posted because of funny expression

And he gets rejected as usual

"Venonat stun spore!"

And Ash kicks her ass. Or in this case, her Venonat's ass.

"I want a rematch!"

Voltorb smoke is the worst

I forgot to mention she is the little sister and student of the Fushcia Gym Leader Koga. Nice near upskirt.

 And here she is with her Venonat and her brother's Venomoth.

What? I had a bad day today. And it's Monday so I'm sure everyone needs their daily dose of Maxine! That's all for today guys. I'll try my hardest tomorrow to fill one more request from Dragonrider1227. I'm just a little unsure where to find episodes for tomorrow's character. See ya soon! And be sure to check KingsSideCastle's blog daily! ;)


  1. Wow...Great Ninja girl. Koga's sister looks like a really cool character. I like the green hair as well. Her reaction to Brock's antics was priceless. ^_^ Nice to see more of Maxine as well. Also thanks very much promoting my blog Digiharrisom. I really appreciate it very much. Anyway, really great post. :-)