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Sunday, May 2, 2010

U is for Ultimate (Which gives me an excuse to post Angewomon!)

It seems the letter "U" is doing me some good these days. I don't know any toon girls whose name begins with "U", so this will have to do for now. But really you have to admit this isn't all bad. Lillymon and Angewomon are two of the few Digimon who are attractive and sexy. They ALL don't look like that. Trust me! Anyway, as you may have guest Angewomon is an Ultimate level (Perfect level in JP version) Digimon who is Angemon's equivalent except he's a Champion level (Adult level in JP version) thus a little weaker. This is her from the episode "Wizardmon's Gift (Kanzentai Sou Shingeki! Kirameku Anjewomon (Perfectly Whole Advance! Sparkling Angewomon) in JP version).

The usual Senshi transformation

Another gift for KingsSideCastle ^_^ Sorry they're so bright :P

The closest to her eyes that we're going to see

How hot is that? No other angel could possibly top her!

Oh. Um...well... Angewomon's a woman Dokuro's like 15! Plus Angewomon isn't violent and won't kill people for no reason! Moving on!

"Cease your hormones toward Dokuro male viewers and pay your attention to me now!"

*Sigh* If we could only see those eyes outside of the digivolution scene.

Yay she's grown a halo!

"Hey you! Prepare to die!"

"Holy Arrow!"

And last but not least, the Evolution sequence:

And that's Angewomon for you folks! Isn't she hot as hell or in her case, heaven? Sexiest angel I've ever laid eyes on.

Next to Dokuro -_-' Well that's all for this week guys! See you tomorrow! P.S: Reason I didn't post Lillymon's sequence was because it was from the German dub I think. It was a very different version than the JP version though.


  1. O_O Awesome. Angewomon looks like a really cool and powerful character. :-) I had no idea that she showed her feet like that. ^_^ That transformation was really great. Really great post Digiharrisom. :-) Thank you for her.

  2. where are all these seducing girls?