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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

S is for Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)

I was supposed to do her after Sissi, but I got distracted by Tecna's bathrobe. *swoons* Er....em, anyway this is Shadowcat a.k.a Kitty Pryde from X-Men Evolution. AND I FUCKING LOVE THAT SHOW!!! I just loved it! It was awesome! That's all I have to say. The characters were awesome, the girls were hot, it showed a little more of Wolverine's past than the old X-Men show, and above all, it kicked ass! Despite not being the southern belle we loved in the old X-Men cartoon, even Rogue was still hot. I love goth girls, but they'd tune me down in a heartbeat. :D I'm such a big nerd, that I'm planning to buy the full series on the DVDs. Thing is there isn't a fourth season DVD! Com'on Marvel! You already made like 5 fuck-ups in the past year and this one. You joined Disney that's 1, you brought Marvel Super Hero Squad Show in existence that's 2, you made a COMIC about Marvel Super Hero Squad that's 3, you canceled production of Spectacular Spider-Man and Wolverine and the X-Men that's 5! Don't let never releasing an X-Men Evolution season 4 DVD be your 6th! Ok enough of that let's get this tribute started. This is Shadowcat in the episode "The X-Impulse."

Aw, how cute!

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's her very cute pajamas apparently.

You can see a bit of her belly. Yeah, I've got a bit of a belly fetish too. :P

Yay foot and...butt shot maybe? I don't know. This show didn't learn about body anatomy until later on in the series. This is only the second episode.

Well her lovely foot makes up for that for the most part.

Now we can see both feet! Yay!

Now we can see her back too! What is this fetish I have? A torso fetish perhaps?

Oh no! She's been exposed to Kyptonite!

Now I can't tell whether if those are boobs facing up or her shirt. Like I said. No knowledge of human anatomy until later on in the series.

Another thing I like about this show is that they draw the faces good. The best thing about a woman is her face. If it's cute then she's a keeper!

The only way this scene could get better if her belly/back was showing. Or if her buttocks were outlined. Or all the above!

Well, they're good at drawing thighs. That's a plus.

We can see more of her thigh. Like I said, I'm very particular about these shots.

Now we can see a bit more of her shorts

Oh yeah! Now we're talking! Show some more back baby!

Yeah! Back and some belly!

Aw man. Now we see less.

I think they outlined her crotch a bit.

Oh sure. They outline her butt when she's falling away from the camera. >_>

They outline even more the further she is away from the camera! What the hell?

She looks like she's laughing here. 0.o

Enter....her basement

This show really knows how to do cute faces I swear.

I don't know many basements that have windows.

Cerebro explaining Kitty's information

Next morning...

Sometimes the faces just sit still. Ah well. It's still cute.

"He's just a friend"

Enter the bitches

Ok really. How old is this prank?!

Just use your powers Kitty

I just love her eyes in this scene

She has got to have one of the most awkward anger expressions. She looks mad yet she isn't.

???: "Hello? Is someone in there?"

"Who are you?"

"What do you mean special powers?"

"I don't believe you"

I'd also like to point out that during Kitty's appearances from this to getting used to being a mutant, she rarely smiles and looks depressed all the time.

Posted because the lesbian bitch with the blond/green hair (remember my colorblindness) has nice legs and thighs. And Kitty's still in the shot so it counts.

She won't be cracking a smile anytime soon so just deal with it

Yay! They outlined her butt without it being 3 feet away from the screen!

And now it's gone.

"Like, what the heck kind of mask is this supposed to be?"

Anyone notice her neck is kind of skinny?

Such a white girl face. lol.

"What the? Did you just get a..."

"Like, stay away from me pervert!"

Yesh. Remind me never to get a boner in front of her!

Yeah. The "???" person in the other screencap was Avalanche a.k.a Lance Alvers whilst his comic name is Dominic Petros. Why X-Men : Evolution changed the names of so many characters is beyond me. Maybe to make their time seem more modernized? I dunno. BUT IT'S AN AWESOME SERIES!!!

Lance: "Look it was just a boner! It happens whenever a guy's around a pretty girl. Doesn't necessarily mean he's thinking anything."

More depression. Good God woman I know you're disgruntled with your powers, but it's not the end of the least until Apocalypse is awakened, but that's besides the point! Crack a smile dammit!

Oh great now she's crying. *Sigh*

FINALLY!! Thank you Lance! Even though you're just using her you little prick.

"I'm sorry I overreacted. I'm fine with you getting boners around me. As long as no one else is looking."

"Um hello? What happened to the romantic moment? Why are you playing Halo?"

This looks very suggestive...

Yeah now we have the "what would my parents and family think if they found out? scene.

Lol, she looks like a Mii in this scene!

"I'm sorry mom". I'll never make that mistake again.

And let's end with a smile...

And a dance! That's it for this post guys. I'm still recovering slowly so I'm way behind with some post. I'm trying my hardest so bear with me and enjoy what you have now.


  1. O_O Great post Digiharrisom...Kitty is one of my faves. :-)

  2. she was very cute

    what about that very rarely shown girlfriend of Nightcrawler?

  3. You gonna show more Kitty? There alot of Episodes where it shows her feet.

  4. Depends really. I only do girls I've done before again if it's for a special occasion like my current anniversary post that I need to get back to.