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Monday, May 24, 2010

U is for Ultimate (Which gives me an excuse to post Rosemon!)

I was supposed to do her a couple of Saturdays ago. Well today we're breaking the rules. Digimon like Rosemon are considered "Mega" levels here in the US, but in JP they are known as "Ultimate" levels which suits the position better because according to Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, Ultimate is a higher rank than Mega, thus giving me an excuse to post Rosemon from Digimon Savers. Like Angewoman, Ranamon, and Lilamon she too is one of the few sexy Digimon in the series. Thing is, she's got the biggest breasts of the aforementioned three. So enjoy these screencaps of her from the episode, "The Sacred City's Last Stand" ("The Fierce Attack of Kurata's Army - Protect the Holy Capital" in JP version)

Let's start off with the evolution sequence shall we?
Reason No. 1 for Rosemon being the sexiest of the other three Digimon here, her evolution sequence is hot.

And as you can guess these shots were cut from the dub. Damn censorship. IT MUST DIE!!!!
Not to mention her butt is very shiny ^^
Oh yes. Prepare yourself for countless boob shots.

Here she is flying in her evolution sequence

Yeah you can already tell these shots are going to be "particular"

She's got a nice butt

And it's getting closer...

Man look how detailed it is!


And the wind is blowing petals around her to symbolize the beauty of this scene

Sexy pose
Even sexier!

Boob shot No. 2

Rosemon's partner to the right is named Yoshino. She's very cute too, but a lot of people claim she has no character development. Me? I don't give a damn! She's as cute as fuck!

Boob shot No. 3 + cute lips

Here's a butt shot
If you look carefully you can see she has blond hair

Another thing I like about Rosemon is that she's very..."wholesome." By that I mean she has the form of a fully... blossomed (no pun intended) woman. Her breast are just the right size, she has a very nice figure, cute face (even if you can't see her eyes. Lips count as cute to me too), and sexy clothing. All she needs is a pair of earrings and she'd be perfect! But yeah, I really like her because she's a blossomed, sophisticated woman. And in a way, she kind of reminds be of a botanic, big-boobied version of Officer Jenny from Pokemon.

I dunno she just does.

Boob shot No. 4

Gotta love the way that vine just sqeezes between her boobs. *coughbondagecough*

God, look at those lips! Poison Ivy's got nothing on her!

It's official. I'd rather get kissed and aroused by Rosemon than get poisoned and killed by Pamela.

Even though a fully blossomed woman, Rosemon can still pull off that "innocent little girl look" which is very cute as well while retaining huge boobs. Sound familiar? Well I refer you to my Ranamon post. There's a guest character there. If you haven't seen it go so it and come back and you'll know what I mean.

I think they censored them a bit here

It would seem I'm not the only one who gets "excited" around Rosemon. Thing is, I wear pantalones.

Pay close attention to her boobs in these caps.

See how the right one just shifted? I mean I caught these frame by frame and it's like it just changes. There's no movement in them whatsoever. She just moves and they change on their own like her body doesn't effect their movement.

Now where the hell did her arms go? Why are "animetors" so lazy these days? I mean it started with Pokemon and now Digimon. What ever happened to good old cel-shading?

Now on the right you can't tell if that's her boob up close or her arm o_0 WTF?

Well now you can.

Yes! Please punish me with your Thorn Whip Rosemon! I've been a bad bad boy!

"Jump Kick!"

I wonder how her tongue tastes. Like cherries maybe?

Wait till you hear the name of THIS attack.

"Forbidden Temptation!"

Well I've given into it.

Yoshino, you lucky lesbo.

Shiny red cherries!

Now for the evolution sequence!

And finally

Boobie bounce!

I forgot which episode that was from, but the GIF was made by me in a free GIF maker that I have sadly forgotten what it's called. Well that's all for Rosemon guys. Sexiest Digimon alive. She could whip me anyday. See you soon!


  1. Wow...can watch that gif all day. Rosemon is sexy. Awesome post Digiharrisom. ^_^

  2. Rosemon.. I only recently started watching Digimon but she's already one of my all-time favorite sexy animé girls. She's heroic, kind, conceited, vain and romantic with an S&M Queen twist. She really is delicious.

    The only thing I don't like is that according to Digimon background fluff, if her core is stolen she turns into a Babamon (Old Grandmother type Digimon)... ick.