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Thursday, May 6, 2010

U is for Ultimate (you get the idea) and D is for Dana

Guys I am so fucking sorry about yesterday! I was really busy trying to do three assignments at once. I didn't have time to do the post. I still await those screencaps from Dragonrider1227. Until he sends them here's Lilamon from Digimon Savers and Dana Tan from Batman Beyond. I'll start off with Dana since I missed her day. She was one of the girls that made this blog possible so if you want to know more than read the very second post of the blog. These caps are her from the horrible episode "Rats!" Why was it horrible? 3 words. Giant mutant Rats.

Dana was practically the only good focus in this episode because she stayed hot the whole time.

Especially here. Nice legs sweetie!

"Thanks for the rose Ter!"


This is the cutest she's ever looked in my opinion.

"I'll be fine dad."

Late again Terry.

But she doesn't seem to be worried. Cute flirty pose! Someone's gonna steal you Dana...

And enter the banes of this episode.

NOOOO!!! Dana's dead! She's laying in a pile of roses unconcious and...

Oh nevermind. Sorry I over reacted there.

Gotta love her lipstick.

Nice shoes too.

And she's flexible! Terry is one lucky guy.

Hi Jump Kick!

Nice butt too! Dana has a lot of nice things doesn't she?

Dear god why does she tease us like this?

Just pull the whole dress up already!

She should be a mermaid. She looks beautiful underwater.

More feet for KingsSideCastle ^_^ sorry I missed yesterday's post

Sexy pose

Even sexier pose

Yeah from this point she pretty much stays barefoot throughout the whole episode.

Gee, I wonder what's going to happen when she steps on the brick with the crack?

Yep. At least we get a good look at her legs and feet.

The ratboy is the biggeest turn off in this episode.


Poor Dana, scratched up and dirty. Plus having to spend her super hot appearance in this stupid episode.

Now for a semi-erotic video of Dana dancing by force. Or something like that. Just watch it.

Now time for Lilamon! She is an Ultimate level (Perfect level in JP version) and very cute! She is less humanoid and much larger than Lillymon, but she's still a cutie! This is her from the episode "Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One with Herself" ("The Singing Voice which Calls Upon a Miracle: Evolve, Lilamon" in JP version).

Cute eyes, nice hair, good good.

Oh my god! I'm in love with a flower creature.

Flower boobies! :D


I'm sure it just says "Lilamon".

She has some very nice poses too.

Wow. She's so hot she's glowing.

Nice thighs.

She leaves behind sparkles when she flys. That probably symbols the beauty of her "back side".

Now she takes a bow.

And begins to attack!

Be patient folks she's just charging up.

"Beauty Slap!"

Time for one final attack!

Like I said before. I'm very particular about these shots.

"Lila Shower!"

Another great pose.

Great expression. She is the definition of cute! Now for the evolution scene.

And that's it for her. She may not be humanoid like Lillymon, but at least she has boobs, thighs, and a cute complextion! Once again guys I'm very sorry for missing yesterday. I'll try my best to stay on top of this blog. Enjoy all I have now guys! See you tomorrow hopefully! :D


  1. O_O Awesome double feature. :-) Lilamon is really cute and Dana is one of my favorites. Nice to see her barefoot and dancing. :-)

  2. she is very lovely, but wish she was smarter. still remember in that episode when she was shocked someone could memorize the multiplication tables without a calculator