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Sunday, May 9, 2010

M is for Mother's Day Special

Hey guys. I feel a lot better today and have plenty of more energy! Because of this, I'm doing a big tribute to 4 of the hottest forgotten toon/anime moms around in honor of mother's day! Why only 4? Because that's all I can think of :D. Plus these are a lot of pictures so I don't want to over do it. I'll include the girl I was going to do yesterday in tomorrow's post. Until then enjoy these hot mamas! They are placed in the order of their uncommoness

4. Debbie Turnbull

Another Robotboy cartoon. Honestly, I need to give this show a chance after seeing these screencaps of this hot mom. There's stuff you wouldn't even think of seeing in a kids show. These screencaps are form Blu-Leader's photobucket account. I hope he doesn't mind.

Strike one: butt in camera

Strike two: grabbing "assets"

"Now listen here you butt grabbing booze hound!"

"I do the cooking, the washing, the cleaning..."

"and I ask you to do the smallest favor for me and this is what I get?!"


Well that was a bit of a sneak peak for D week. Debbie will be featured in another post this week mostly cause I have like 62 screens of her but there's no telling which day. ;) moving on

3. Lady Jaye
Before anyone says anything, yes. Lady Jaye and Flint did have a daughter before she *sniff* died :( Their daughter's name was Marissa. I already explained who Lady Jaye was on the very second post of this blog. So anyway this is her from the episode "Grey Hairs & Growing Pains" where she gets to be a kid again. Literally.

"Are you sure about that?"

Here's the magic steam that takes away their adulthood.

Aw wasn't Lady Jaye cute as a kid? ^^
Ah, the highlight of this episode. Yep, from this point on she remains pantsless throughout the entire episode.

Sexy eyes. Oh com'on she's a cartoon character! Doesn't matter if she's a kid or not!

Cute bum
Barely dodged it

Bring on the panty shots!

You can see some of her belly.

Closet to a front upskirt we got. Still sexy. Nice legs.

More near upskirts
And there's our other upskirt

More near upskirts or should I say, "upshirts."

So close yet so far

Nice thighs

Yay! More panties!

Well a butt shot works

She's adult again, but...

She's a little too big for her britches!

Now let's see that in video form!

2. Dan's Mother

Damn. Talk about young mother. Dan's mother from Bakugan really deserves a spot here. This is from the first episode. Yep. They're just getting started with the series and they're already throwing hot women at us whether it be Juliee, Runo, or Dan's mom who defines hotness! Enjoy boys!

You may think I'm getting ahead, but I'm not. This is the very second scene of her I'm dead serious. This is a very good way to grab the audience's attention. With sex appeal!

This woman is very flexible

Damn!!! Hell ass yes!!!

And this is the guy she married. Lucky bastard. No video of her. Sorry. ^^

1. Hentai mom

This mom appeared in a hentai anime known as Dokidoki Haha Musume Lesson Oshiete na Obenkyou. I don't really know her name or seen the hentai for myself but I happened to come across her one day. Before you ask, no the following pictures arent very inappropriate and no I don't know where to watch this anime. These screencaps are from Blue-Leader's photobucket album. I hope he doesn't mind.

Morning breathing

I've noticed hentai girls have abnormally large breasts.
And the animators exploit the hell out of it.

And before I end here's a sexy and somewhat appropriate scene of her.

Well that's it for the Mother's Day Special. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers to my watchers, visitors, and everyone else! I'll see you guys tomorrow!


  1. Wow...awesome Mother's day spectacular Digiharrisom. ^_^ You definitely packed it to capacity honoring four women at once. :-)

  2. just curious, is the top girl a blockhead LOL