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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A is for Aelita

If this doesn't make up for my crumminess this week then nothing will. A total of 58 screencaps of Aelita from Code LYOKO. I find this girl very attractive. Even if she does have creepy eyes. Anyway for those who aren't familiar with her she was raised by a man who hid her in a virtual world known as LYOKO in order to keep her safe. She was found by a boy named Jeremy and his friends Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi. She was bought into their world in season 2. These shots are from her in the episode "Deja Vu".

I thought boys only had wet dreams...

Might I suggest no more playgirl?

Sissi (the bitch in the mirror): "So. Been having wet dreams again?"
Aelita: "At least I wear underwear to bed."

I don't think wet dreams are that big of a deal to get the principal involved

"I don't need to talk you about that Jeremy. My dreams are my dreams."

Sorry about the big bellied beast to the right of Aelita

"Empty head. Just keep an empty head."

"Stay away from me!"

Oh well so much for an empty head

Keep it together Aelita! You can fight this temptation!

And she loses control of her horniness and falls in the pool...nice

What? I'm very peculiar about these shots. Sue me.

Oh. It was just another wet dream.

Odd: "No worries princess. You just has another wet dream is all."
Aelita: "Thanks for the news flash Dr. Sensitive."

Jeremy: "Just think appropriate thoughts Aelita."

A little present for KingSideCastle ^_^

Very Mysterious...

Well I did say she had creepy eyes

Doesn't mean her expressions aren't cute as hell!

"Who's there?!"

She just can't remember when these wet dreams started

Wait she remembers something...

It started here

Oh no it's happening again! Fight it Aelita! Fight it!

More memories

"I have a bad feeling about this"

She looks cute when she's all pouty like that

Another good expression

The whole gang excluding Jeremy. From left to right: Yumi, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich.

"I can do this"

Oh no not again. Com'on Aelita! Control yourself!

Yay 3-D! Aelita is especially hot.


Odd: "Try not to dream too hard without us princess."
Aelita: "Shut up Odd."

What a beautiful face. It makes my heart rush!

Tentacle rape? No wonder the girl has wet dreams!

This is so wrong. Why are these creatures so perverted?

Whew. She got saved.

Oh no not again! Run Aelita! Run!

Aelita. Stop staring at Ulrich's willy.

This her special ability. To control computers in LYOKO. Cool!

Cool! She looks like a hologram here.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. Even so, this isn't going to help Aelita's problem.

Her dome where she restores LYOKO's stabability.

And there's Aelita for you guys. Probably the biggest update I've done. I'll see you tomorrow with probably a smaller update sadly. Enjoy!


  1. O_O Aelita is massively cute. ^_^ I thought the combination of regular and CG scenes in this series was really cool. Really awesome job with this tribute for her. Also thanks for the present. *Blushes*

  2. Aelita is massively cute. She's awesome

  3. MESS UP! She was brought in in season 1. Episode 25, the one before the last episode of season 1.

  4. i prefer the live-and-action version (in Code Lyoko Evolition)....(personal reasons...)