Friday, April 30, 2010

R is for Rogue

Everyone's favorite southern belle from the 90s with the thick accent and crazy hair. This is her from the episode "A Rogue's Tale". First episode I ever saw of this series.

You know, it wouldn't kill some of these girls to crack a smile once in a while. 

Well I guess that's alright

Okay you can stop now

I 'd really like a smile now

Good enough :)

Yay another smile! Keep it up!

Oh well. You still look cute either way ;)

She has a really cute expression here

Don't you just love it when their lips are in that form? I just find it cute in a way.

Damn. She means business

If you thought the other one was cute, man!! She may be depressed half the time but at least she can pull off some cuteness once in a while!

I find this expression a bit funny. Kind of a "I'm not amused" look.

Yay another smile!

You're doing great!

And now it's over

But another cute expression is here!

And nothing like a nice flower bearing scene to end it. Well that's all for today guys. I figure Rogue pretty much made up for my crumminess this week. I'll see you all tomorrow! May not be as great, but we'll see!


  1. O_O Really great!! I love this southern belle a lot. This is also my favorite version of Rogue and the first that I was introduced to. She's really hot!!

    P.S. Got the pun from the last entry...nice!! :-D

  2. nice, but so prefer her Goth Evolution version

  3. I love her saucy Southern Belle version in that cartoon. It was really cute because even though she couldn't have skin to skin contact she never seemed to let it make her that impaired like she did a cute kiss to her gloved-hand-over-his-mouth kiss with Gambit that I thought was cute.

    I liked her in Evolution too since I love the gothic fashion but I can't really compare them both are good in their own ways.

  4. this is my Rogue lenore zann made Rogue super sexy.