Thursday, April 29, 2010

H is for Hayley

Ok I'm not going to lie. I HATE THESE SHOWS. I just hate them. That's all I got to say. However, Hayley Smith from American Dad is one of the very very few characters I find attractive. As you can guess I don't know a lot about her except she's 18, lives with a weird ass family, freakin hot, and probably ignored by people who don't watch the show like me. So, she's here! This is her from the episode "Stan knows best".

Here she is with green hippy hair that she soon lost afterwards. Pay no mind to the weird ass alien.

Now she's wearing a wig with her weird ass boyfriend.

I'd like to point out she barely smiles in this episode bringing the cuteness factor down a bit

Doesn't mean the hottness factor has been brought down

And now....


Stan looks bored. Nice ass Hayley!

Shake it baby shake it!

Being a bit shy there aren't we?

Tch. Guess who...


What better way to end this post than with a smile? That's all for today guys. I feel like I've been doing a crummy job this week. I don't know why I just do. That's why tommorrow I'm doing someone "Xtra" special. See ya then!


  1. I liked the last cap too. She has a really nice smile. Looking forward to seeing who you post tommorow. :-D