Wednesday, April 28, 2010

E is for Enorma (Suprise at the end)

If you saw the "Meet the Girls" post then you pretty much have a good idea of who Enorma is. If not then please go read it because I'd rather not post her information again. She is a very minor character be reminded. These screencaps are from both parts of the Stripperella episode Beauty and the Obese. Enjoy!

The closer she gets to the screen the more blood I lose

There goes a third

I'm guessing her manager is not looking in order to not get tempted. Really how can anyone resist?

Enroma: "Do my boobs make my dress look small?"
Manger: "Um...uh Oh! Look at the time! You're almost on!"

The dude that I don't know: "Normally, I'm the biggest boob on stage"

Yeah. Stripperella was one of those shows that kind of connected to the real world. Aside from that, Enorma's eyes look great in this shot.

And here's Stripperella to save Enorma from the exploding time boob inside her


BOOBS!!! Up close and personal!

Enorma also has a very sexy smile if I may add

Last but not least:

That has to be one of the best boob bounces in the show. Well that's it for today guys. Tomorrow is TAKS day for me...hooray. Don't worry though. I'll be back tomorrow either way! See ya later!


  1. O_O Wow...I'm sure a lot of people a lot of people are making that clip their new screen saver. Such energetic dancing. ^_^ Nice post Digiharrisom. ^_^

  2. Thanks. I wonder if that's possible...

  3. im still shocked this series only lasted one season. This is practically the definition of a guy's show

    personally though never been for big breasts, always preferred between flat to B cup

  4. I'm with the bomb squad, I must inspect those bombs very closely!

    *grabs, holds ear to boobs*