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Monday, April 19, 2010

M is for Maxine

Alright time to get this blog really going! Here's the deal. Everyday I'll post a girl whose name begins with the same letter of the corresponding day. Since today is Monday I figured I post Maxine because her name starts with an M. Plus, it's Monday. We all need a smile on our faces! :) Tomorrow I'll post a girl whose name begins with "T". These screencps are from the episode "Mind Games." Enjoy!

Terry getting his flirt on...

Appearently its working

Maxine getting ready for their date

Her shorts magically change to panties (ignore what the clock says they're still going on a date)

Even with facial cream she still looks beautiful

"Time unveil the new more natural me."

And there's the lovely couple smack-dab in the middle!

Terry: "Never seen you in a dress before. You look good!"
Maxine: "I only make this sacrafice for Lobster Thermidor."

If those aren't the prettiest eyes you've seen then I feel sorry for you...
Now get your hormones on standby....
BAM!!! Hotness at maximum! What better way to end this post. See you tomorrow! :)


  1. I know right? If ANYONE deserves credulity, it's her.

  2. got to admit, she is much hotter than Alfred lol