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Sunday, April 25, 2010

S is for Sussie (And updated posts)

Alright guys we made it a whole week without missing a day of new posts! I'd like to thank Dragonrider1227 and thunderfoxjt for sending me screencaps of Sapphire, P.E Teahcer, and this girl respectively! You guys helped me out a bundle! I'd also like to thank my followers/supporters especially KingSideCastle who always leaves comments that inspire me! Thanks dude! Alright, alright, enough sentiment. This girl is Sussie from Robotboy. Like the P.E Teacher I don't know much about her, but by the screencaps I got I'm guessing she's a babysitter. Also, there were 2 screencaps of the PE Teacher and Sapphire that I forgot to post so check them out if you're bored enough. :D Ah well, enjoy!

Sneaking to a house full of children with no parents present? Um........

Appearently she is and one of them doesn't mind

"Hello boys. Are you ready to have some fun?"

"First we'll watch this educational video."

"Hey what's that?" *Kid turns around and she takes off her clothes*

"I don't like to take naps alone. Will you keep Sussie company please?"

"Alright you little brat, since you won't do what I say we're going to have to do this the hard way!"

I don't like where this is going

"Why didn't you have sex with me?! I'm hot and you're a little boy with uncontrolable hormones damn it!"

Sure. Give him an upskirt view before you kill him....HELL YEAH!!!

"Well maybe I got caught this time, but at least I escaped to my Pedoquaters to seek out more young boys."

"I might as well send him a present just to say I still care."

A strip video. Nice.

Ah Sussie. You could molest me any day. But I'D get the best of you ha ha! That's all for this week people! See you tomorrow!


  1. No problem...I'm really enjoying this blog alot. As for Sussie...she seems really hot. I don't think I would mind getting babysat by her. :-)

  2. This spy, the gym teacher and the mother of Tommy are unique beauties more attractive within the universe of Robotboy.