Tuesday, April 27, 2010

U is for Ultimate... (Which gives me an excuse to post Lillymon!)

Another request from Dragonrider1227. Screencaps by me this time though. For those of you not familiar with the Digimon series, Lillymon the third stage in a Digimon called Palmon's evolution. She's called an Ultimate level in the engilsh dub while in the original she's a "Perfect" level. As you can tell she's a plant Digimon and her special attack is "Flower Cannon". This is her from the episode "Flower Power" or "Odaiba's Fairy! Lilymon Blossoms".

She's got the cutest smile!

End of the evolution scene. Notice the the Kanji in the back reads "Lilimon" instead of "Lillymon"

 "Flower Cannon!"

Her smile is cute

Posted just to show you how un-inventive these upskirt scenes are even in the original.

And she defeated DarkTyrannomon by..."lei-ing" him

That wink gets me everytime! That's all for today guys! I hope to get bigger updates as the week goes by. Until then please bare with me and enjoy these frequently forgotten girls! See ya tomorrow!


  1. Yeah. Lillymon used to be one of my childhood loves. Then there came Rosemon...

  2. oh so hope you post Ranamon soon