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Thursday, April 22, 2010

T is for Ten (Melanie Walker)

Here's the Ten post I was going to do Tuesday, but I was distracted by a hot P.E Teacher's ass (Thanks again thunderfoxjt!) Sadly she only appeared 3 episodes (one per season), but at least in the last episode she turned over a new leaf and became a waitress, but we'll talk about that later on. Anyway this is her from her first appearance in the Batman Beyond episode "Dead Man's Hand".


Here he comes Melanie. Pretend to look sexy. Oh wait, you already are.

Nice legs, good

Good good sassy look.

Um, erotic pole hugging? Ok.
Now you're fondling it? You're hardcore woman.
You're really working that pole there. Are you sure you should be a waitress?

Why bring up small talk after fondling a pole erotically?
Wow she moves fast.
Don't resist McGinnis. You know you want it. After all in her next appearance...
Ew, why can't we see her other hand?

She looks very cute in her outfit. I wish they could have at least made her a hero after she turned a new leaf so we could still see her in this cute outfit

Even if she doesn't have hair...
"Hey hey hey you may be a hero and do this touchy stuff, but don't forget I'm still a girl."

Gotta love the way she stares at the sword like it's "something else".
No one's pressuring you into doing Melanie.
"I'm telling you all we did was kiss!"
Hey we can see both her hands now, but where's Terry's? Coppin a feel are ya ol chap?

*Insert Disney romance music here*

Showgirl pose. Nice.

"Terry? You're Batman?!"

Oh well she got arrested this time, but don't worry she'll be back soon! See ya tomorrow guys!


  1. she was cute, i like this future version of Batman/Catwoman relationship