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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet the girls...

There will be more toon girls than these, but for now meet the ones that made this possible...

1. Maxine Gibson (Batman Beyond)

A 17 year-old computer genius who is one of the few people to know the Batman's secret identity. She first appeared as a minor character in "Splicers", but in "Hidden Agenda" is where she learned Batman's secret identity. She then continued to aid him during the remainder of the show. When the show ended she was never acknowledged again. :( She was voiced by the famous African American voice actor, Cree Summer

2. Giselle (Stripperella)

Giselle is Erotica Jones' (a.k.a Stripperella) best friend and fellow stripper. She's cute but naive. She was in the first episode of Stripperella and made appearances until the show's 13th and last episode. Not much personal information is known about her except she is from Missouri. She was voiced by Tom Kenny's wife, Jill Talley.

3. Enorma Ray (Stripperella)

Enroma is a very minor character in Stripperella. She appeared in the first series with a very small, but noticeable, cameo. She later appeared in the 2 part episode "Beauty & the Obese" where she got an exploding breast implant (despite having the exact same sized breast in the first episode) from an evil doctor. It was then removed by Stipperella and we never saw this beautiful, buxom, bubbly character again. :( She was voiced by Jill Talley.

4. Lady Jaye (G.I. Joe)

Lady Jaye (Alison R. Hart-Burnett) is a character originally made to be in the G.I. Animated series, however her looks and popularity scored her an action figured then a ticket into the comics. She is the wife of Flint (lucky bastard). She was born in Martha Vineyard, Massachusetts. Lady Jaye was very popular during the TV show, however during the comics era, she started to get less popular and the Baroness started to steal her glory. Her part in the G.I. Joe movie wasn't as important as the Baroness'. Many people not fans of the show do not know her too well which is why she's here! She sadly died while trying to save flint from Red Shadows. She was voiced by Mary McDonald-Lewis.

5. Ten (Batman Beyond)

Ten (Melanie Walker) is an enemy and ex-girlfriend of Terry McGinnis, the new Batman. She is the daughter of the King and Queen of the Royal Flush Gang. Melanie always felt she didn't belong in her family and wanted to see the world more. She met Terry at a nightclub after he broke up with his girlfriend (now wife) Dana (below) and immediately fell in love with him not knowing he was the Batman. After her last encounter with him she changed her ways and works as a waitress never to be seen or heard from again until now. :) She was voiced by Olivia d'Abo.

6. Dana Tan (Batman Beyond)

Dana is the girlfriend of Terry McGinnis. Like all superheroes in relationships she doesn't find out Terry's until late late late. So as you can guess she doesn't take well to Terry's frequent and unexplained disapperances. They have frequent arguements and pow wows until she finally learns his secret. In Justice League Unlimited episode "Epilouge" they get married (though the wedding is not shown). Therefore she is more well known and placed in 6th rank. She was voiced by Lauren Tom.


  1. Great list of woman. I liked the Batman Beyond girls in particular. Always had a soft spot for Dana. ^_^

  2. Giselle was my favorite character in that series, got to love that bubbly personality of hers

  3. They never say that Dana & Terry get married, it's only implied that Terry wishes to propose to her, the proposal itself is off screen, so at best they are fiancés.

    I always preferred Melanie and Terry.
    its reminiscent of Catwoman & Batman andthey seem to go together better, Dana seems to be the one he settled for and she was rather mean to him and other side(soon to be villain) characters. like when she mad fun off her captor in the "Rat" episode.

  4. She wasn't mean to the side characters. She was often the only person besides Terry to be nice to them (offering to drive Willie Watt home after he was humiliated at the dance, responding to her girl friends brushing off Howard by promising that she'll be at his party). She didn't make fun of Ratboy, she snapped at him after he'd *kidnapped* her, had an ordeal running through the sewers, and he asked her why she was upset as if she had no reason to be.