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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

T is for Teacher...P.E Teacher in particular (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Screencaps are actually from thunderfoxjt. Sorry for the false credits man. My mind was in two different places today. :P

A bit of a short update today. I was going to do Ten, but I have to get ready to go on a trip to Fuddruckers with my class in an hour. Plus this girl's pretty hot! This is the P.E Teacher from Robotboy. Personally I never watched this show because it was never intresting to me, but this woman changed that! Screencaps are from thunderfoxjt, thanks man! Check him out on deviantArt. Tomorrow will be a bigger update. I promise.

All I said was nice shorts

Teacher: "Who wants to play some volleyball?!"
Me: "I do as long as I'm on your team! I'll cover the rear, I mean back!"

Nice ass. Why does my school's female gym teacher have to be a wrinkly old prune?

 Missed screencap. Shame one of the hottest characters in the show has to be around such ugly children.

"What are you staring at?!"
Aww damn. She's spotted me! Gotta run guys! See you tomorrow!


  1. now this is how to get people interested in PE, a hot coach

  2. This gym teacher and the mother of Tommy are the only female characters in the series of Robotboy who are beautiful, young and with her ass more large but well shaped and sexy.