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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

W is for Wondra...(Which gives me an excuse to post Jubilee!)

Incase you don't know Jubilee lost her powers sometime after the events of Generation X so now she is part of the new warriors under the name Wondra. I prefer the old Jubilee however and she seems to be ignored alot so here she is from the X-Men episode "Jubilee's Fairytale Theatre".

                                                     Back off kid. She's not your type.

                                            Seriously kid. You're annoying her. Feck off.

                   Now look what ya did kid. You done got her mad. But hey she still looks cute.

         Don't get too upset Jubilee. He is just a kid after all. A perverted one...


Well you really can't blame a kid for liking her with a sexy expression like that...
Jeez kid. What kind of porn have you been watchin'
"I'm sorry I got so mad. Just don't bring up stuff like that again!"
He creeps me out too. How much you wanna bet he becomes a rapist when he grows up?
Lucky bastard. How come he gets to sit next to Jubilee with her her arms around him?!
Even long eared girls can be cute.
See? She agrees with me!
So that's what they mean weh they say your eyes have a special sparkle!

Scary story time!
That's right Jubilee. Pretend to care and he'll stop talking.

Kid, don't make me get the soap.
No Jubilee! Don't show sympathy for him! His parents do not do that in front of him! He learned it on his own! 
 I can't believe you're buying this. The kid's a perv! He doesn't want to admit it!
Nice lips. Mmm
Fairytales are full of kickass
She will never be your slave Magneto!
"But you promised!"
"Next time hit on girls your own age."
She's so sophisticated and beautiful

Alright see you next time Jubilee! I'll see you guys tomorrow too!


  1. Wondra/Jubilee is really great. Never saw that particular episode of X-men you were using but it looks like a fun one. ^_^ Great post Digiharrisom!

  2. it was depressing she wasnt in the Evo series, she was one of my favorite (well till they made Rogue goth)