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Monday, April 26, 2010

O is for Oracle (Barbra Gordon)

Now you didn't think we would follow the same pattern all the time did you? I'm going by each letter in the day's name each week. Next week for Monday we will do someone whose name begins with an "N". Today I'm doing a small tribute to the computer geek known as Oracle. She used to be Batgirl until Joker shot her causing her to get paralyzed confining to a wheel chair the rest of her life. She now aids the Dark Knight in his never ending quest to keep Gotham safe! She only appeared in one episode of The Batman called, "Artifacts" which took place in the future.

Even in a wheel chair with a wacky hairstyle and weird glasses she's still got it

Now I'm not sure what the blanket is for. Maybe she's cold?

Person next to her is Alfred. Yeah he's still alive.

This was the last we saw of her in this episode

Hey. It's Monday. If those eyes don't brighten your day then nothing will. Well that's sadly all for today folks. But I'll see you tomorrow with hopefully a bigger update!


  1. So hot!!! I really like Barbara Gordon a lot. ^_^

  2. curse that joker for doing that to the lovely Barbara