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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

N is for Nanami

I was meaning to post her a couple of Wednesdays ago. Here's another hot anime girl for you, Nanami from Digimon Data Squad (Digimon Savers in JP version). She pulls off a kind of southern belle look but (thankfully) never speaks in an accent. She's a bit beauty obsessed at times, she loves killing Digimon despite she can transform into a Digimon herself. It's a Hybrid thang. Anyway this is her in the episode, Showdown Between Geniuses: Thomas vs. Nanami! (Showdown Between Geniuses! Tohma vs. Nanami in JP version. Not much of a difference really)

She's very mysterious and sensual in this episode. It's almost creepy.

The animation in this episode was top-notch as well. There are a few more like this, but the rest is just...uggh. It's not bad it's just meh. Only one episode had terrible animation and that was near the end of the series! Stupid "animetors".

See how mysterious this looks?

Not mysterious but still cute.

This is mysterious

Oh yeah she also gives us plenty of "almost panty shots" in this episode which annoys the hell out of me because some of her poses should have totally provided us with panty shots!

Like this one for example. She's flying straight down with her parasol. The wind should totally blow that thing up! Ah well. At least she has nice legs.

Oh yeah she also wears this stupid looking hat as well. *Sigh*

Nice thighs

Ok really that hat is taking away her hottness!

That guy is named Thomas (Tohma in JP version)

Nanami = This :|

Her Digivice.


I think you can see her panties if you look closely, but that could be the lace of her dress...I dunno

You ought to her how cute her laugh sounded in this scene

Ok really. That hat needs to go. I just can't take her seriously with it on!

This is one of the episodes that had the best animation. There were only a few more thanks to lazy "animetors" again...

Oy. That hat. It makes her look like the beauty child of Penguin

Except his hat is much bigger and fits his character

I think that's an outline of her buttcheek, but it could just be a shadow! Stop depriving us form our fanservice animetors! By the way the Digimon fighting her is named Gaomon. He's Thomas' Digimon.

Probably her most serious look

Creepy, but not her creepiest look. That's coming up

Look she even her umbrella/parasol looks like Penguin's!

That's uncanny.

More cocktease shots from the animetors...

She looks stunning in this shot

Some scenes she looks incredibly cute like this

Other scenes she looks seductive and sexy like this. However Thomas is too smart to take into temptation.

Correction: This is her most serious look.

Here she just looks depressed and sad.

More cock or should I say "hormone" tease.

She held it down at just the right time.

She's getting ready to evolve

Now I didn't want to get any pictures of her evolution until it was an "U" day so I'll just post the evolution scene to show you who she evolved into, but that's it.

Sexy isn't she?

God this woman is creepy. Yet at the same time you can't help but be attracted to her. But if you think that's creepy...

Try topping a bunch of snake figments wither her body and... snake boobies. Wow.

And if you thought those parts were creepy nothing can prepare you for Nanami's creepiest scene...

AAAAHHHH!!!!!! OMG she looks like the Grudge's horribly deprived daughter mixed with humanoid female version of Arbok!

Moving on...

Thomas defeats Nanami and it goes on from there the end. Well that's it for probably the most attractive and creepiest woman alive aside from Elvira (Nanami's cuter though). I shall do her evolution later on because next up we have a cuter spellcaster. That is if I can find one of her episodes that doesn't have a fecking watermark. *Sigh*


  1. Wow the animation in Digimon savers is really crisp. ^_^ Nanami looks totally hot. Love the goth look. :-)

  2. Don't get your hopes up about the animation. They're not ALL like this.

  3. It is sad that a character with so much potential was so underused in the series. She has some redeeming qualities as saw in the last episode and I think putting her in the main group would be awesome. I love the Tohma/Nanami ship from this episode, and I must admit, to find a Nanami fan is hard!
    Thanks for the images, maybe I will make a fanart or two using them as models.

  4. I loved the pictures, I've already seen the episode 7 times, Nanami is my favorite character ever. She's voice is wonderful, and so it is she's way to act and to think. Even as one of the bad guys, anyone can see that she is right in everything she says.. I consider myself her kind of person(a genius). And I agree as well that we are alone in this world because of our Knowledge, Wisdom and Intelligence. She says as well that everything is boring and again, I agree.

  5. I'm seing it right now, it's wonderful.