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Friday, June 11, 2010

S is for Sapphire

I was supposed to do you get the idea. This is Sapphire from Trollz. I had a really hard time finding an episode that surrounds her because most of the episodes on Youtube have evil watermarks. I hate watermarks. I had such a hard time that I didn't even get the whole episode so I had to go back to the last episode I saw and get more. Oh well, my loss is your gain because that means I have more pictures of her than I started with. Sapphire is the brains of group as well as the shyest. Being the nerd of the group she does have a slightly irritating voice. You know the one that sounds all stuffed up and coldish. But that doesn't stop her from being cute! So here she is from various episodes.


And to all fellow foot fascists, yes there will be more foot shots this time.








I was going to take frame by frame of this shot, but I really didn't like how they were smiling. It looked weird. Trust me.

Those eyes...those eyes those eyes....That expression....I'm getting weak

At least her lips stay normal sized during up close shots.

The girl next to her also has the same name as a Pokemon game. I won't tell you because I plan on doing her soon. In fact, I can do all the Trollz Girls because their names all start with a letter that matches a letter in a day's name, but I'll give you a hint. Pokemon Blue is to Pokemon Red as Pokemon Sapphire is to Pokemon ____

Hey look who's back! Amethyst!

Gotta love how skinny these girls are.


Upskirt time!

Nothing to get horny over, but still pleasing to the eye.

If you don't count the poor quality. These are from youtube after all.


I do believe her tushy is outlined a bit here.

And this is where it ends :(

Appearently she's happy about that.

I still wonder how these toon girls where lipstick yet it's not a whole part of their mouth.

I love how she looks like a Barbie doll here. By the way, do I spy a breast outline in her shirt?


I wonder why we see Amethyst and Sapphire together in the same frame often...

And other times it's either Onyx or the other girl. (Guess her name yet?)

Um.. appearently Onyx touching her shoulders makes her happy...


A little too happy.

A little too too happy...

Onyx on the other hand doesn't feel the same way.

"Thanks for holding me Onyx"

Ok this attraction to the same sex is getting creepy.

Ok now I'm officially weirded out despite my love for lesbians.

Oh nevermind. It was a boy the whole time.

Aww, she's so cute! ^_^

Fantasy zo..I mean time!

Cuddling her "boyfriend's" hanky

Talking about loving books

And that's Sapphire folks. Well people I'm still way behind with these girls. Doubt if I'll catch up anytime soon. I just hope I get caught up before my birthday which is July 8. *Sigh* it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. See ya next post!


  1. Wow Sapphire's really cute. Nice to see Amethyst cameo in this one as well. Great post Digiharrisom. ^_^

  2. I Think, Amethyst anh Shappire remind me of Gash and tia, From Konjiki no Gash Bell.
    and besides she's like a female version of Eliot Kid.