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Saturday, June 5, 2010

A is for Amethyst

I was suppsoed to do her a couple of Monday's ago. Well you all may be familiar with little dolls with wacky hair known as troll dolls

They're one of the most popular and well known toys on the market. Well as with every other famous phenomenon I.E. Mario and Sonic the company known as DiC(K) decided to make a show based on these dolls in 2005. Now when I first heard of it I imagined a bunch of these little ugly Smurf like creatures running around and doing nothing, but when I saw the show it surprised me. Instead of the abomination above we got these hot chicks with...interesting hair wearing short skirts and revealing clothing. And there was actually a storyline where they use magic to save their home from a kid named Simon who they accidentally helped escape from another realm. Now this show isn't perfect by a long shot however. The animation is a bit low quality for a show made in 2005. There's only 1 main villian in the entire series and I don't think he was ever defeated leading up to another cliffhanger series in DiC(K)'s arsenal. Otherwise it's worth watching when you have the chance. But today I'm going to do a tribute to the leader of the group, Amethyst. I can't say she's the cutest because they're all pretty cute, but I'll let you boys decide that so let's get started shall we?

Girl with the blue hair is named Sapphire, for obvious reasons.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that these troll girls have HUMONGOUS feet. Sorry KingsSideCastle. This is the only shot of their feet that I took ^^

Yeah this animation wasn't really all that top-notch for a 2005 show. I mean if you watch the scene before this shot then watch this shot you'll be thinking, "what's the point of this camera angle?"

Even Amethyst has no clue

Am I the only one who thinks she looks insanely hot in this scene?

Oh yeah they have cellphones too. They're called "Spellphones".


It appears Amethyst won this "Mai Boi finger" face-off by being cute when doing it ^_^

Left to right: Topaz, Onyx, and Amethyst (duh). Capped for Amethyst's short skirt ^_^

Sorry couldn't resist ^_^

I think they made her legs skinnier in this scene


The animators also have a tedency to make their lips bigger when showing their faces up close like this.

Again for short skirt. That less than threatening monster she's fighting is called "Snarf". He's the pet of the main villian.

She's got the prettiest eyes.


They learn who the main villian is

More big lips

She looks really cute here. Kind of a serious look.

Spell sequence

And even cuter here


I feel an upskirt coming on

Here it comes...



And now it's over :( Still some nice legs though.

Another upskirt, but no bum outline :(

If you think her lips are big now...

Well they were super big at one point in this scene, but I didn't want to take it.

Now THIS is her cutest scene!

And that's it for Amethyst. She really is a little gem isn't she? Well we go back to anime in the next post, but before I go I want to set one thing straight. I see a trend here where you guys comment on one of my post then sometime later I post a new one. Well I don't want you guys to think in order for me to do a new post you have to comment. It all depends on when I feel like posting and at what time. Like my Nanami post. I was going to do her immediately after I posted the Dokuro tribute, but finals were that week and I was busy studying so I couldn't then KingsSideCastle and Edward commented the day I was going to post Nanami. I really appreciate your comments guys, but I don't want you to think that's what you need to do to see another post lol. I'm just clearing that up incase someone get's the wrong idea. See ya then!

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  1. Hee Hee...I think our schedules are just similar so that when I was able to were also able to post. ^_^

    Anyway really cute girl. She looks very spunky. Cute cap of her feet as well. :-)