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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A is for Ami

You get the idea. Another late post. Here's Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon. Notice I used her Japanese name. Now many of you may be familiar with he Sailor Moon series and their characters, however there are some that get less credulity. One of those characters is Ami. Why are the smart ones always the ones to get noticed less? What does society have against smart people huh?! Are they jealous of us?! Is that why we get shunned often by bullies?! *Pants* Sorry. Got a little carried away from childhood memories. Ahem, anyway this is Ami Mizuno also known as Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon S episode, "Labyrinth of water! Ami's the target"

About what exactly?

Ami? Are it couldn't be.

Yipe! And there he is!

Yeah cause she's fantasizing about you pretty boy.

I wonder why? I'm referring you to pretty boy.

And this is the reason they come on to you. Probably. Not everyone is cool enough to have a foot fetish.

Well aren't you and your cute feet special?

And legs.

And beautiful hair and eyes and cleavage...doh! Now I'm getting horny!

And gracefulness underwater...

My sentiments exactly

Ok is she not insanely hot in this scene or what? That's how it looks in my perspective anyway.

People huh? Why do they always have to make misinterpretations of innocent things? It's sad really.

Guys she already has enough lingerie for pretty boy.

Um, because she wants to turn him on?

And she's already guilty about the first time

You have friends...that show you lingerie to improve your sex life.

Again? But this time you bought your own pillow.

Well isn't that independent?

Double feet = double hormone scrambling

The girl next to her is Michiru Kaioh a.k.a Sailor Neptune. The lesbian.

Thank you Ami!

Um...thank you. You know?

It's a Daimon monster literally dragging her down while producing some good shots

Foot shots included! ^_^


I know I shouldn't be enjoying this but...

Curse you animators for making Ami's torture captivating!

And not drawing her feet correctly!

And drawing them correctly when she's far away from the camera!

The Daimon's taking away her pure heart.

Or raping her...

And now she's weak.

But alive!

So sex was your second option? Ami you're smarter than that!

Good for you! ^_^

Yup. And I didn't get any caps of her as Sailor Mercury because I don't know any specific episode she transformed in, so if any hardcore Sailor Moon fans want to see her as Sailor Mercury please give me a specific episode. Until then enjoy a transformation sequence!

Well that's it for now. Before I leave, I have something to say....




  1. Great Post Digiharrisom. Mercury is a really cool character!!

  2. Ami was always my favorite too. Check out the Sailor Moon Super S for some of her best animated appearances. She has a special dedicated just to her and in the episode where she gets her heart mirror taken out she looks stunning. I think they also have one of her naked talking to her senshi form.