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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

P is for Postponed........again

Well it was expected. I did go see Toy Story 3 (which was awesome by the way!), went all across town looking for a post office that had the birthday present I bought from China for my cousin (which will re-deliver tomorrow) , took a nap and didn't wake up until 8:00, looked EVERYWHERE to find a better quality RAW episode of the girl I was going to do today and failed so don't expect too much :( and to top that off I have to get EVERY episode with that girl because she's so minor and has very little screen time alone. In addition to that, Friday is the last day for the PokeWalker event and I can't get it because DS games don't support WPA routers so I have to make more time to go to a friggin' hotspot because I want a Pikachu that knows Fly, and I have to get my email address password back from a feckin' hacker. So as you
can see, I've had a pretty full day and there's more to come. I'll do my best my best to get a post done tomorrow, but there's just so much going on right now. Sorry guys. Maxine? Maxine where are you?

Whenever I see those eyes my day gets a whole lot better ^_^

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