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Sunday, June 20, 2010

R is for Rogue (Evolution)

I was supposed to do her Saturday. Well folks today is Father's Day, but since this a toon girls blog I'm afraid there can't be a Father's Day special. Oh well. Instead I'll do a tribute to our favorite southern belle turned goth. I've grown to love this version because...well...she's goth and I believe I've expressed my love of goth girls before. If I have enough time, I'll do one more post today and have a special announcement. Until then enjoy screencaps from Rogue from the episode, "Turn of the Rogue".

You didn't have to be so rough on her Cyclops.


And this isn't even far into the episode yet.

Hitmonchan stance!

Hitmonlee stance! She has nice breasts by the way.

You gotta love how people look pissed when they're exercising.

Yay! Cleavage! This girl's got some muscles too.

Yay! Torso close-up!

Aww, she kept going and crashed

The sunlight from the blinds really brings out how hot she is.

The animators did really well here. You can see her cleavage through the blinds and that's got to be the most cleavage I've seen in this show.


They really detailed the cleavage this time.

Not so much here. In fact I think they reduced her breast size in this shot.

And she's not too happy about that either.

Awesome muscles.

The principal is manipulating her.

"GO away!"

The principal: "Just remember. The X-Men are not your friends."

They erased the cleavage completely.

Sassy smile. Reminds me of Miranda Cosgrove's until....uggh...iCarly.

What a cutie!

Gotta love that expression. It's too cute!

She's very popular with the boys as you can see.

"No trophies for second place"

Ooh flirty.

But the flirty moments ended when she wants to know what Scott really thinks of her.

 Like all guys he says the wrong thing.

Another good expression

Enemy appears!

That's Mystique. Another hot toon girl.

"You lying little..."

Just wait till she learns about her relationship with Mystique.

"You're powers are mine!"

Wow. That's got to be her cutest expression by far.

"Scott. Do a girl a favor and lose some weight."

"Scott. Get your face off my butt."

"Why did I ever listen to Mystique?"

Now she's angry! Her eyes are glowing red!

I guess everyone's knees are square these days.

Yeah I know I'm not funny Rogue.

And that's it for Rogue folks. If I have enough time I'll do one more post along with a special announcement. I hope you people appriciate what I do for you because this is really cutting into my Pokemon time. I just EV trained my Tyrogue to evolve into Hitmonlee. Yeah yeah coincidences. Ty"rogue" and Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan in the beginning. I get the idea.

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  1. Nice!! :-D Love this goth southern belle. ^_^ Found the pokemon tie in hilarious. :-)