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Sunday, June 20, 2010

A is for Alex (Plus special announcement)

Ok not the best picture to start with, but good enough. Some of you may be familiar with theTotally Spies gals and I'm not sure who's the least recognizable character, but I'm going to assume it's Alex (though Sam is a good guess as well) mostly because she's my favorite. I just have a thing for energetic tomboys. For instance, I like Daisy better than Peach, but that's another matter. I really like this show. I mean what's better than three hot chicks running around in skin tight spy suits? So anyway Alex is the most naive of the group in my opinion. She's very cute and loves sports (hell yeah!). And from season 3 and beyond she has the cutest voice as well provided by Katie Griffin who also does the voice of another cute girl, Julie from Bakugaun. Alright enough praise let's get this tribute going while the night is still young.





WHOOP time!


Great lips.

Just had to cap this shot. That's the prettiest blink I ever saw.

I love it when women make that kind of expression. It's hilarious

If you look at her mouth closely, the rocks in the background make it look like her tongue is out.

Sam's ass in Alex's post. Go figure.

Alex has the best crotch in the group.

Hey look she gets an ass outline as well!

One thing I could never figure out about Alex is her race. I mean she and her mother are both dark skinned, but obviously not African American. I always thought she was Asian for some reason, but I could be wrong.

She can be very fierce as well.

"Ugh! What did I just step in?"

"Rhino poo?!"

"I hope this water can wash my shoes."

"There much better."

Here come the enemies.

So time to use the coincidently right given gadget at the right time! That's what I love about this show. They always seem to have just the right gadget at the right time.

Hey she's coppertoned!

"Sammie! When did your breasts get so big?!"

"I'm so happy for you!"

And here's all three girls. Now I can make a list of the best things all three of them have. Alex: best voice, best breasts, best crotch, best lips (though Clover comes pretty close to that category), best personality, best legs and cutest character. Clover: Best hair, best face, best body, and that's about it lol. Sam: Best arms, best ass (though she seems to enjoy Clover's more o_0), and that's about it. ^_^ But seriously, Sam seems to be into Clover's ass a bit too much and Alex's breast look like melons here.

No no no. Do not go there. Do I need to show you Film Brain's latest review?

Mmm a fruit platter.

Look how small Sam's mouth is. I swear in this scene it was this small. She looks like Tweety Bird.

Closest thing I could find.

She's so cute!

Run Alex run!

She runs...

She trips... (Did I mention she has the best thighs too?)

You can still see her butt.

"W-what are you staring at?"

"Heh heh. I think I'll just leave now..."

"Ok ok! You can look at it just don't drop me!"

She should have seen this coming after the way she was staring at Clover's. Sam's just possessed by the way.

This expression is both cute and creepy at the same time. I love how her eyes are low and yet she has that viper-like stare like snake queen or something.

"Take it easy now."

The girl she's arguing with is a very minor character you will see in another post.

Never get Alex angry.


Just make it seem like a misunderstanding.

Screenshots beyond this point will be from seperate episodes. Clover appears to be checking Alex out...

And taking this opportunity to rub her back.

And Alex doesn't seem to mind. Well they are "friends" after all.

The animators make her flat at the wrong moments.

Even she realizes that.

Cutest. Expression. Ever.

Well next to this one anyway.


And maybe this one.

She looks so clueless sometimes it's cute.

"I can't help it. It's who I am."

Anyone else agree her hair looks better like this?

It makes her look older.

Wow. This girl is amazing.

And that's Alex folks (and what better way to end one of my posts?) Now about that announcement, starting tomorrow I will begin posting regularly because I'm losing track of girls that I want to do so tomorrow I'm starting over so check your updates regularly! :) Have a nice day!


  1. love this girls and their soles!

  2. Your posts are amazing!

    They are full of references, like Tweety, That Guy with The Glasses and (in other post) Tv Tropes.

    And your comments are very funny.

    About these girls, Alex is very cute, but I really never liked Clover. The form of her face and her hair style... are weird.

  3. Totally love Alex. Also really liked the Batman comic book excerpt it was really funny. ^_^ Great post Digiharrisom. ^_^

  4. Just wanted to point out at your comment that "the animators make her flat at the wrong moments," pretty much all girls with reasonably sized boobs "go flat" when they're laying down.

  5. she's kind of weird and fun but sometimes i wish i had a dream with her.