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Monday, June 21, 2010

Y is for Yumi

Alright. Getting back to business. It's now Yumi's turn to shine. Now this girl has a HUGE amount of fanservice in my opinion so it was hard to find an episode that showed her in underwear, swimsuit, towel etc. "Frontier" is one of those episodes, but the scene is recycled from another thus the whole thing wasn't showed and I forgot what episode the scene was recycled from was. Ah, no matter. Yumi is still a hottie. And her belly, back, and naval are normally visible. Curse you Nostalgia Critic for giving me a torso fetish! Did...that sound right? If not just look at these two reviews. Alright alright. Let's get this tribute started.

There's plenty of shots of Yumi with somebody else. I had to work with what I had.

"Qu'est-ce que ça veut dire?" (What's that supposed to mean?) Yeah I watched the French version again. :P Yumi's voice isn't as seductive as Sissi's

I love it when girls pout like that. Means they're playing hard to get.

"Oubliez Jeremy. Je ne vais pas à se laisser entraîner dans une autre de vos expériences!" (Forget it Jeremy. I'm not going to get dragged into another one of your experiments!)

"La dernière fois que j'ai failli mourir." (Last time I nearly died.)

"S'il vous plaît Yumi. Cela pourrait être notre seule chance de mettre Alieta à la Terre." (Please Yumi. This could be our only chance to bring Alieta to Earth.)

"Non! Je ne le fais pas!" (No! I'm not doing it!)

But of course she does. Why? I don't know maybe Jeremy offered to do her homework. You know normal boarding school bribes.

"Quoooooooooooi?!" (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!)

Jeremy must have showed her something completely out of the ordinary for her to make that WTF face.

And now she's apparently enjoying this experiment.

Up closes on their faces aren't very detailed.

Uh oh. She clicked on a dreaded "You Won!" ad and aquired a virus.

Very unprofessional Yumi.

Ulrich: "Ne savez-vous ce sont des canulars qui permettront à vos informations et d'infecter votre ordinateur?" (Don't you know those are just hoaxes to get your information and infect your computer?)

And she leaves Odd and Ulrich to figure it out for themselves. I have to say Yumi acted like a real bitch in this episode. I'll get into that later on in this post.

Hey look they drew a nostril this time! Hooray for consistency!

She's drawing a picture of Jeremy incase you're wondering. Umm....I don't think he's quite your type Yumi.

Wow. The French allow cell phones in their schools. Unlike the U.S. they actually care about emergency procedures.

But I think using them during class is a different matter.

Especially when the teacher is staring right at you.

But the teacher doesn't seem to mind as...

He allows her to leave the room...What are the privileges for French boarding schools exactly? Can students go anywhere and do anything they want as long as they ask for permission?

That shirt makes Yumi look...puffier. She has an interesting figure though and her ass okay.

I don't know who looks weirder in this scene. Yumi or Albert Einstein.

"Je ne suis pas amusé" (I'm not amused)

Here comes the part where Yumi becomes a bitch.




Guess who she's mad at.

Yup. Yup. Why is she mad at him? Because he saved her ass from getting in trouble with the principal by...


Kissing his daughter.

And this kiss made Sissi convince her father that Yumi did no wrong. And after Ulrich told her about it she just turned into a flatout bitch about it.

He saved your Japanese ass from the possibility of getting suspended! You could at least TRY to show some appreciation you big-headed cocktease!

Odd: "Il a raison, vous savez" (He's right you knw.)

And why is she mad Ulrich for kissing Sissi when she drew a COMPLETELY detailed picture of Jeremy while admiring his features? Hypocrite.

Why do half of these characters have such abnormally large foreheads?


Wow. She's chewing up Ulrich over the phone while she's in her underwear and barefoot. Talk about a cocktease.

What bitch she was in this episode, but you can't help but love her more.

I hope she "reflects" on her successes and failures in this episode.Well that's Yumi folks. She may be a bitch when it comes to on and off relationships but that's just what makes you love her more! Alright guys. Tomorrow I'm going to go see Toy Story 3. I'm not too worried because Pixar has never failed to amaze me. And by the looks of it it's going to be fun! ^_^ Wish me luck guys!


  1. Swimsuit is A Bad Turn. Towel is Teddygozilla

  2. ../..... but.... you didnt show the almost shots in the next second after this last picture!!!

  3. I think I know what you're talking about but these shots were from a different episode. They repeated that scene several times I believe.