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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

D is for Daisy & E is for Erotica

Today's post is going to be huge so get ready boys. Since I missed yesterday's girl I'll be doing her first. It's Daisy from Pokemon (so I hope you got my little joke in the postponed post now :D). She's one of Misty's 3 beautiful and prissy sisters. While they're out being like all girly girl she's like totally running the Cerulean Gym on her own. If you haven't guessed already, Erotica is from Stripperella. In fact she is Stripperella. I don't think I need to say anymore about her other than she's a stripper. Alright let's get these tributes started with screencaps of Daisy from several Pokemon Chronicles episodes. Some of which were from the Japanese version I had trouble finding in good quality.


These girls are very beauty obsessed and speak in Beverly Hills "accents"

Ash and Misty shipping assumption. Go figure.

If she's so beauty obsessed, why hasn't she tried to cover that gigantic mole on her face?

Once again Ash receives a badge without winning a battle.

Here's all three sisters. I believe the one with the blue hair is named Violet and the pink haired one is Lily. All three are spoiled rotten.

Here they are in a Japanese episode (which aired in the US, but I wanted to see the original for the cut scenes that weren't shown. They're not going to appear here either. Sorry.)

In Japan they're known as From Left to right: Ayame, Sakura, & Botan. They sound a bit nicer in the JP version and not as prissy and stuck-up.

Sakura (yes these caps are also from the JP version) is the only one to appear as an important character in these side story episodes.

Hey look! Real fish! Real animals in the Pokemon world!

I guess she's finally noticed her mole.

But doesn't seem to care too much.

Casey or Nanako also makes several appearances in these side stories. I'd love to do her one day.

This was a cut scene from the dub. I guess 4kids figured it served little purpose to the episode and just wasted time.

We see these two with each other a lot. I wonder why?

Oh that's why.

Look! More real fish!

You see? Their always in the same shot together.

And she always makes those weird "longing" expressions when she's around him.

I can see why she's called Daisy (english version caps) now. *coughhairclipcough*

First time I've seen her use an "anime" expression.

What the hell is up with that Poliwag illustration in the background?

It's body is like totally out of shape.

Mole is gone again.

Enter badass Daisy or "High Speed Hannah".



You knew she had to whine about something soon. She hates caves.

I just love it when girls hold their hands like that. It's just so cute!

Her first battle in years. (She doesn't like to battle so she just gives the badges to the trainers)

She's doing it again only this time she doesn't have that whiny expression. Believe me I love it when girls have that whiny expression with their hands like that, but it's just the price to pay hearing them whine...

Sister Power!


Shoot! Well that's all for Daisy folks.

Well now it is :P Alright. It's Erotica's turn now.


Even though this is a great strip sequence, the one from the 5th episode was incredible.

Girl's got a nice ass.




Nice tits too.



Nice thighs t..oh who am I kidding, this girl has nice everythings!











Only Stan Lee is capable of drawing such a beautiful woman.

*Body gets hard*

Just look at those eyes and those lips!


That's their strip club manager, Kevin.

Hey look more real fis...oh wait this isn't Pokemon.

God look at how big their breast are! They look like melons!

Nice shoes Erotic...wait a minute wait minute!

That's Kitty! That's her! Same hair style, same swimsuit, just bigger boobs. Stripperella came out three years after X: Men Evolution and I guess Kitty's like 15 in the show so in three years she'd be 18 and could go to Las Vegas on her own. But I swear that's her! Boy, what a coincidence. Well that's Stan Lee for ya I suppose.

Only in Las Vegas folks.

Anywhere else you'd get ticketed. Damn censorship.

Oh baby. Why you tease me so?

Eww, an old man's starring at her. Fap at someone your own age you old fart.

Even the lovely Giselle can't resist, but to stare at her best friend's ass.

I'm not joking! Look where her eyes are! She even sat down!

Persephone's enjoying the show! Erotica must be a magical something to turn women into lesbians like that.

Question. If her butt is facing her friends' directions then what are those two pervs staring at? Her head?

Some say she's staring at Erotica's head through her legs. I say she's staring at her you know what and enjoying every minute of it.

Like me.

Erotica. I uh think your boobs are hungry.

I'll grope them for you to calm them down.

Or you can do it yourself.

Oh it's a bra phone...wait minute she wears a bra? I refer you to the picture before the last one. It must be a low low cut then.

I don't think she put it back on.

Time for a "why animals are important" talk.

Today's edition: the bald eagle.

You know Erotica, just because they're looking at you doesn't mean they're listening.

Ah! She has man hands!

Erotica: "Those hands weren't mine!"
Me: "Oh. Sorry."

Same look. No boobs.

The animation in the last half of the 13 episode series was really great.

She's about to go on.

Or not. You ought to see how cute Giselle smiled at Erotica.

She's about to pull off an impossible pose.

But she nailed it and won! Wait a minute...0_0

She's...she's a-a-about to... h-h-hug her... w-while she's...h-half naked...


And Giselle's just can't get enough. Some may see this as a sisterly relationship, but they're not related soo.....

See Erotica gets me. So that's it for now gentlemen. I kept my word and gave you a HUGE update. Now if you excuse me, I'm off to McDonalds to get that new PokeWalker route.


  1. Yup Hormones are definitely scrambled. Awesome double feature Digiharrisom :-D

  2. this is for dasiy love her so spoiled