Monday, June 28, 2010

Y is for Yoshino

I was supposed to do her yesterday, but I was busy cleaning up the house. This is Yoshino Fujieda from Digimon Savers. You may remember her from my Rosemon post. I think it's time to give her her own tribute. Many people say Yoshino has no character. Me? I don't really care. She's just cute and smart and that's good enough for me. She's a bit short in length though she's 18 years old. Well let's get this this tribute started shall we?

Running from the paparazzi.

She's dating a famous singer.



Say cheese!

The next day...


Those are her friends mouthing off at her for not telling them about her relationship with their favorite singer. The one with the blonde hair is named Megumi and the black haired one is named Miki (my favorite one).

And yes they're both airheaded as well. However, they're great with computers.

It's not very nice to hide secrets from your friends.

Aww, not the puppy dog pout

私はあなたのように強く感じたことを知らなかった。(Watashi wa anata no yō ni tsuyoku kanji ta koto o shira naka~tsu ta.) (I didn't know you felt so strongly about this.)

Enter the captain.

Don't feel bad Yoshino. It's not their business anyway.

Oh yeah, that Shy Guy looking thing is called Lalamon (Raramon in the JP version). You know, Rosemon's rookie form.

I wish they would give the poor girl some breathing room.

And enter the singer.

They believe the singer's hiding a powerful Digimon.

I think they changed her face a bit here...

But most of the time she's as cute as heck!

She's having dinner with the singer.

He's leaving "unexpectedly".

The mission begins.

I think the animetors have trouble drawing side faces as they can never get the pupils right.



What's wrong Yoshino? Don't you trust your childhood friend enough to know he couldn't do anything bad?

私は考える時間が必要です。(Watashi wa kangaeru jikan ga hitsuyō desu.) (I just need time to think.)

Well well. Speak of the devil. That's him. Hitoshi a.k.a Neon


私の調査を台無しにしないでください。(Watashi no chōsa o dainashi ni shi naide kudasai.) (Don't ruin my investigation.)

Yoshino is also easy to piss off.


Her eyes and expression here remind me of Gatomon for some reason.

Same designer maybe?

Such a naive girl lol.

She finally knows the truth.

But now it's gonna cost her.

In the hands of Keramon.


That thing blinks?

Time to erase his memory. Even about their past with each other. I'm sad :(

Oh well...

I'm sorry Yoshino.

I think this is a perfect way to end this post you now why? Because it reflects my emotions about this week. Well what can I say? I failed. I didn't post everyday like I said I would. thing is I've been very tired lately. I don't know why. I just am. I've also been occupied with other thngs as well. I try my best to make time for this blog, but I just can't juggle it and my daily needs as well. I'm sorry guys. I'm trying my hardest here.

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  1. Wow hot girl!! She looks like she has a really spicy personality. ^_^