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Thursday, July 1, 2010

D is for Donna

Hey guys. This month I plan to get my mojo back. I'm starting to feel a little better now. Hurricane Alex didn't help much though. Anyway, this is Donna Ramone. You may remember seeing the back of her head in Alex's post. She's a very minor character so this post will be short. Alex get's on her bad side when she accidentally kicked a soda can into her motorcycle. Being the biker girl she is that pisses her off. As with Alex's tribute this is from the episode, "Spy Gladiators".

Alex kicked the can.

Now Donna is pissed.

Yet there's not a scratch on it. Why do biker chicks have to over-exaggerate about little things?

Nail polishing on a soccer field. That's smart.

Reeeal smart.

Nice legs.

Oh com'on that's the equivalent of a water stain! It can come out easily!

But of course she gets mad and blames it on Alex.

It wasn't even Alex's fault. It was the goalie's!

Fighting over pizza. Petty petty petty.


She's ready to kick some ass.

But Alex showed some back bone that you may remember from her post.

And she finds that Alex isn't that bad. Alright guys. That's it for Donna. Like I said, this month I'm getting my mojo back. And hey, check this out!

We have video option in the new toolbar now! Now the next thing they should do is give us the ability to upload our pictures faster. See ya later guys! P.S.: My birthday is in 7 days :)


  1. Ah I see what you mean about the blogger design updates. Yeah uploading pics faster would be really awesome. ^_^

    As for Donna. She looks really cool. Redhead + Biker babes = super hot and I agree she has very nice legs :-D Her hair style kind of reminds me of Maxine's. Great post Digiharrisom.

  2. I like the scene in Spy Gladiators where Donna has a look of shock on her face because of being caught off-guard thanks to Alex's directing all her anger at her, as well as calling her a "big Neanderthal" in the process.

    Alex: I've been chased by wild wolves, had boulders thrown at me and fought gladiators all night! So if you want a piece of me, let's get it on! (Donna looks taken aback at Alex finally growing a backbone)

    I also like the part where Donna remarks that Alex is tougher than she thought, and tells her "We'll have to get *you* a ride". :) I find that to be a moment of, according to the website called Archive of Our Own, "Women Being Awesome". :)