Sunday, July 25, 2010

F is for Florinda

Fun fact: I'm playing Pokemon Yellow while doing this post :D. Still haven't put it down. I just passed Silph Co. Well to tie-in with it I'll be doing a tribute to this Pokegirl known as Florinda. Judging by her name you can tell she's a "flower girl".  She has very low self-esteem and belief in herself, but Brock (that's right) helps her overcome this. Like Erika she owns a Gloom as well. This is her from the episode, "Make Room for Gloom."

Ah, good old cel-shading is only capable of producing such shadow effects.

More shiny hair. *Sigh* Why did cel-shading have to leave us?

The boy next to her is named, "Potter". Must.....resist.....lame......joke... oh a wild Muk appeared!

Man, just look at how great the animation use to be!

Low self-esteem moment. She's calling herself a bad trainer because her Gloom won't evolve into a Vileplume even hen she uses a Leaf Stone. Gaah! These wild Grimer are annoying! I should have bought some repels!

Gosh look how long her hair is.

I'd like to see the new series pull off that kind of face anatomy. 

*Sigh* I'm gonna go lock myself in the closet and cry now

*15 minutes later*

Ok I'm better now. Whew...I just got a little emotional when I saw my childhood highlight being butchered like that. Alright, back to the tribu.. aw damn he's got an Electrode! How is Pikachu supposed to beat that?

She mentions the Leaf Stone that she bough... oh really? Really?! How did Selfdestruct hit me when I used Double Team four times?!

Florinda this is no time for charades! We need to know who sold you the Leaf Stone!

Oh that's how they wore their hair.. oh goody! I found a Rare Candy!

And a talking Meowth? I should have known. Yay I found a TM22 Solarbeam!

Don't feel bad Florinda. I'm sure you'll find one too someday. In addition to that, I found a secret key, so it's time to Escape Rope out of this joint and go face the gym leader.

Florinda: "Oh so you're on Ci......."
*covers her mouth*
Me: "Quiet! I want to see if they're hardcore fans enough to guess where I am."

Aw, damn! I gotta take quizzes at this frickin gym?! Huh? Oh right. The tribute. Anyway, Ash and the others sniffed some stun spore plants.

WHAT THE HELL?! I totally got that right! Caterpie DOESN'T evolve into Butterfree. It evolves into Metapod who then evolves into Butterfree you dumbass! God curse this Generation I logic and errors! Anyway, man I lover her hair! It's the perfect shine of violet! Only in the old series. I also love her expression. Eyes like that are only possible in the old series.

Don't back down now Florinda! You can do it!

Ok really. Scenes like this are a prime example of animetors who actually put effort into making good animation. I dare you to find an episode in the DP series to have amazing animation like this.

Damn!  I didn't pay attention that time! Doesn't her hair look a little too big in this scene?

Finally ready to battle Florinda? Yes my Flagadoss grew to level 43!

Florinda: "Flagadoss? Isn't that the French name of Slo...."
*covers her mouth again*
Me: "Shush! Again I want to see if these guys are hardcore enough to find out."

FINALLY I got one right! Poliwag evolved only 2 times during Generation I. It appears Gloom does know Solarbeam and she found the move in a magazine apparently. I do believe this is the first reference to TMs in the anime.

"Gloom Solarbeam!"

Hooray everything's resolved! And ELECTRIC moves are not effective against ground types! There's no such thing as a "thunder" type. Generation I logic!1!11!1!!!!111!1111!

WTF kind of question was that?! Pokemon of the same level and type are not identical? What the hell does that mean. Ok gotta focus. Well, I think this is her cutest scene! She even mentions she wants to marry a guy she really likes to help run her greenhouse. Take note she's talking to Brock.

"I've really liked you for a long time."

"Will you marry me?" OMG! Brock got a proposa...oh who am I kidding you know she's talking to Potter. But you know what's really messed up? Brock actually helped Florinda overcome her low self-esteem while Potter was just there testing his flower magic (which isn't very useful according to this review). All they really liked each other for was their looks. No mention of personality or anything like that just looks. That really sucks. Oh well, if that didn't happen I guess we'd never have the whole Ivy mystery

I still don't know what happened between those two, but I do know there's no such move as Tombstoner. Well that's it for now guys, but before I leave I want to make sure you know your Pokemon trivia and if you were paying attention with a short quiz. AND NO USING GOOGLE!!! Remember...

Q1. Where am I currently in the game judging by my comments?

Q2. "Flagadoss" is the French name for which Pokemon?

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