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Sunday, August 1, 2010

U is for Urara and some minor news

Kickin off the month of August with another Pokemon girl. As for the special post, I haven't gotten the belated birthday gift yet, but I already know what girls I want to do along with it. Of course I'm still working on beating Pokemon Yellow and I finally made it to the Pokemon League. I just have to get past Victory Road which I hate because I have to erase my Pokemon's movesets to replace them with strength to move those goddamn boulders. Of course I could always use the weaker Pokemon, but I'm afraid of running into other trainers. Plus I want to train all my Pokemon to get them strong for the Elite Four. Oh well. I'll figure something out. This bitch..I mean girl is named Urara (Ursula in the English version). She is a Pokemon coordinator who owns a Gabite. Judging by her appearance you can tell she's a stuck-up snob from the beginning. This is her from the episode, "Pok√©mon Contest! Akebi Tournament!!" ("Another One Gabites the Dust" in the English version. I hate these silly episode puns.)

My Garchomp could easily K.O that thing.

Why because it stepped on a Poffin? 

Oh goody. Poffin a la bitch.

Quick note: the animation on Ash and Brock in the beginning of the episode is atrocious

I thought so.

Well I have to admit for a bitch she sure is cute.

Jessie's flashback

Here's where she started her bitch phase

Several for not doing drugs.

Look who's too short for her own good. Do I spy breast outlines there? :o

Just a question.

For your sake I hope you mean Jessie. She really is hopeless.

Sign language!

Her dress is very cool.

I'd like to "point" out that this command scene is used over and over again. These animetors are worse than The Asylum!

I used to have a Sandy Cloak Wormadam in my team. I traded it for a Zangoose.

I think they made her hair in pigtails to match Gabite's torpedoes. 

I'll say.

Because she's awesome and you all you did was kick sand around.

... hand is a stuck-up bitch

Except Sonic!

You know what I find weird? Every scene with her has her face drawn right yet with some other characters the designs look off. I think the animetors have a crush on her.

Yeah that's right bitch. I skipped some shots of you because they were all repeating the same attack command shot.

And I don't respect you at all. Which is why this post is officially over. Now for the minor news. I'm going to erase all of those entries about me missing days of posting because seeing my posting times now they really don't do any justice :P If I have enough deleted I may do something special for my 50th post. In addition to that I've made some changes regarding the special post. I will still do tributes to girls we've seen already, but I'll also do some a little less obscure. You'll see what I mean. That's about it. See ya!

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