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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I is for Ikuta

Sorry for my long absence guys. I've been busy preparing for school next week and DA's been giving me the blues. Check out my last 3 journals to find out why. Anyway, I have a lot of girls that I wanted to do, but I didn't want to put them in another large post because of how many I have. So instead I'll post them seperately starting with Ikuta "Makio" Maki from Umisho. If you thought Orizuka was hot then you may think Ikuta is cute. It depends I mean she is a teenager despite her size and she's in high school. So let's not wait any longer since I have about five more girls in the waiting area.

Oh yes she is very energetic and hyper-active at times.

But that's why I like her ^_^

Most of the time....

Yes you.

Those are some lyrics to the theme song.


She's referring to Amuro who will get her own tribute too.


Second episode!

So beautiful....*faints*

I think I'm good now....*faints again*

0_0 Someone needs to make a fanart of this. But make it look more suggestive


Yeah something like that but make her look like she's enjoying it. Ikuta you lucky bunny.

Yay foot shot!

She also likes to fantasize.

Same here. I couldn't swim until I joined the YMCA

That girl is named Mirei Shizuoka. She has the biggest breasts on the whole team so of course she's very popular with the boys and girls.

And she doesn't like being touched.

Be prepared to be underwater a long time.

And that's Ikuta. Stay tuned guys. Five more girls headed your way. I must say this is the fastest I've ever finished a post. Even faster than my Oracle and Gym teacher post.

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  1. Wow...I so need to start watching this anime. Awesome post Digiharrisom. Looking forward to the other 5.