Saturday, August 21, 2010

U is for Ultimate (Which FINALLY gives me an excuse to post BioLotusmon)

Remember BioLotusmon's evolution sequence in Nanami's post? Well after months I finally have an excuse to post her. As you can see she's on the list with Lillymon, Rosemon, Angewoman, and Ranamon as the sexiest Digimon alive. However in the dub version of Digimon Savers her design was butchered to cut down her sex appeal. CENSORSHIP MUST DIE!!!! *Ahem* These screencaps are from the same episode as Nanami's.


Yes these shots are particular too. And this is just the evolution sequence so you can tell this is going to be awesome. Plus, CAMELTOE!

Panties, boobs, naval = SEXAH!!!

Her stockings could be a little neater.

But everything else is too distracting for me to notice.

Plus those beautiful white frills

Someone needs to make a fanart of her dress completely off.

Those white frills are a little too distracting.

That's better.

Oh yes I forgot to mention she's a giantess. Though unlike the beautiful Giganta we never see any beautiful foot shots like this

*Sigh* So beautiful.

But these service scenes sure make up for it.

Panty shot ahoy!

It could be considered the first panty shot in Digimon history, but not quite:


Kazemon herself is basically walking/flying underwear.

So there you have it. The first panty shots of Digimon history. May Xros Wars continue this trend.

Alright back to the post.


Up close and personal. Such a beautiful perspective.

That perspective is even better. I bet Thomas is getting an eyeful.

She looks kinda scary here.

Thomas should be honored to be touched by such a beautiful Digimon. Okay that didn't sound right.

Truer words have never been spoken

Shiny boob!

Now both boobs are shiny! Plus a sexy pose.


I also like shiny shoulders. Alright with so much boobage it'll only be fair to leave you with this

It's a slower boobie bounce than Rosemon's but still good nonetheless. And I just love the way her panties look in this scene! Well that's it for BioLotusmon. One more girl coming your way folks! P.S: Giganta foot shot is from KingSideCastle's wonderful villaness takeover. It is by far one of my all time favorites. The quality is outstanding.


  1. Wow great post. This GTS Pokemon just seems full of sex appeal. Loved the cameo appearance by Kazemon as well. The ending bounce was really hot too. ;-) Also thanks very much for the mention. ^_^

  2. Aww, what was that last image? It dosen't load :P