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Monday, August 9, 2010

T is for Tabitha

Wow. I just blew all my money on LittleBigPlanet stuff 0_o. Anyway, this is Tabitha Smith from X-Men: Evolution.  Her superhero name is Boom Boom, but outside of the show she also has names like Time Bomb, Boomer, and Meltdown. She's very wild and flirtatious (two of my many favorite qualities) and if you haven't figured it out yet her power is to make exploding plasma balls. This girl has probably got the craziest sense of style, but makes it work so well. Ear piercings, eyeliner, WAY too much blush, bell bottom jeans, man this girl is still living 80s! But that's what I like about her. Alright, let's get this tribute started. This is her from the episode, "Bada-bing-bada-boom".

That suit makes her look skinny. But hey, that's what black does to you.

Let the flirtatiousness begin!

Also, I think she has a lazy eye. You'll see in some other pictures.

We all know there's a world out there just waiting to be explored.

I wouldn't shake that if I were you. But I forgot, you're crazy.

She looks really cute in this screencap.

And now Kurt's unconscious...

Luckily it was just a training simulation.

But because of unsafe antics both of them are punished.

Here's that 80s fashion I was talking about. And she makes it work so well.

Every teens nightmare. A stuck locker. But not for Tabitha...

The bomb makes her eyes sparkle. Also, that's waay too much mascara girlfriend.

Someone needs to make a wallpaper out of this.

And this too. Those two aren't perfect for each other but they look pretty damn cute together.

And Tabitha cute all together.

Not to mention as flirty as hell.

Enter conflict.

Tabitha's dead-beat father.

No need to try to guess what he did. You can already tell.

Capped because she has one of the best asses in the entire show.

That's a compliment Tabitha.

Are you self-conscious about your ass or something?

I would compare her to Clover right about now, but the two of them are way too different. Clover is always up on the latest fashions and Tabitha is a hipster.

I meant that in the most non-offensive way possible.

Besides it's your dad who you're mad at not me.

God she has a nice ass!

"Put the clock down and listen to me!"

She also has an interesting figure.

Even her father can't help but stare at her ass, but that's not why she hates him.

But she's not happy about that either.

"You have an erection blue boy"

If you look closely you can tell she's looking there.

And judging by the amount of blush on her face you can tell she likes it.

And looking cute like that isn't going to make it any smaller.

She wants to sneak to the school's Carnival.

And the only way to do that is for Kurt to teleport them there.

Oh those eyes. How could anyone resist them?

There's that sparkle in her eyes.

Someone get this girl a mouth ring! She already has too many on her ears.

Guess who she's looking at like that.

Commence the master plan to steal the school's fundraiser.

But the plan gets ruined as the Brotherhood and X-Men begin to fight causing the building to collapse.

Nothing can prepare for this next set of pictures. You have been warned


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you probably the best ass shot scene in the entire series.

Before you ask, yes. I did take these frame by frame.

I don't why she's rescuing him. All he did was use her for money and self-pleasure.

Careful Tabby. We wouldn't want that pretty little behind of your getting hurt. :D

Yay we can see some of her back too!

Alright back to normal now.

Let him die Tabby. He's not worth it.


Bayville Beautiful Girl Station

She feels now she has to leave the X-Men and join the Brotherhood. Aw, Tabitha you're better than that!

But apparently she doesn't believe that. I don't feel like ending this post on a depressing note. So, I've taken the liberty of making an AMV of the Bayville Sirens from, "Walk on the Wild Side". This AMV includes the music video from the episode as well as more battle clips. Only done slightly better. Just watch and see what I mean

Be sure to tell me what you think! That's all for now guys. Still working on the special post. I've been away for quite some time now. I just felt like taking a short break. Hopefully we won't have another one of these four day gaps.


  1. Great post. Tabitha is quite the fire cracker. Loved the music video too. My favorite was when the characters were lip synching to the song. ^_^

  2. Thanks KSC! I had that music video idea for a while.

  3. I didn't think it would fit so well.

  4. Dat Ass, my god, that ass! I LOVE that kind of shots.
    And the AMV is excellent!

  5. I love Taby! She is so hot and awesome. Her look is actually based of Courtney Love in her younger years. I think she was my favorite Evo character, her, Rogue, and Wanda.

  6. I like Tabitha. :) She's a cool character, too. Plus, I've been reading all these X-Men: Evolution fanfics about her, and the ones about her troubled past are pretty varied, as well as details about who her parents were or what they were like, although only her father is shown and he is a criminal (since it's never fully explained or shown) in the Season 2 episode Bada-Bing Bada-Boom. But that's the power of fanfiction. You can make up a variety of details that are never explained or shown. :)